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Megha Shah

Megha Shah is a student, writer, and fashion designer. She is currently pursuing a major in Applied Mathematics at AU and hopes to work in finance after graduating. As a strong believer in financial independence, she wants to help AU students learn how to get a head start on their saving and investing journey

Ethical Investing

You might be wondering, what is ethical investing? Ethical investing is investing in sustainable companies that line up with your morals and values.  For example, if you are against animal cruelty, you would invest in companies that make cruelty-free products.  To know that the company you’re interested in investing aligns with your values, research is… Read more »

How Students can Get Started with Saving and Investing

After the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation increased and caused our monthly expenses to rapidly rise.  Around twenty to thirty years ago, it seemed easier for people to get a degree, find a job, and live a comfortable life on one income.  Now most people need at least two incomes to afford everyday expenses such as rent. … Read more »