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Natalia Iwanek

Natalia Iwanek is a currently completing her Bachelor of Arts in English at Athabasca University. She is a Toronto-based freelance copy editor, proofreader, and writer. Originally hailing from Poland, with Ukrainian ancestry, Natalia was raised in Toronto and has lived in Ontario, Alberta, Britih Columbia, Guatemala, and Argentina. She is a graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Editing Certificate Program and has attended Ste. Anne’s University and York University as well.

When not travelling, writing, or studying, Natalia enjoys cooking, reading, and learning languages.

Distance Education—The New Norm for High School Students?

On March 15, 2019, the Ontario Ministry of Education released “Education that Works for You — Modernizing Classrooms,” which states that starting in 2020-2021, “the government will centralize the delivery of all e-learning courses to allow students greater access to programming and educational opportunities, no matter where they live in Ontario.”  Although few specific details… Read more »

Navigating the Educational System with Chronic Illness or Disability

Canadian students can have difficulty navigating today’s educational systems.  Globalization has rapidly increased in recent years, resulting in a faster paced society; one driven by consumption, relentless productivity, and a hunger for external validation.  There is pressure for students to excel in school, obtain high-paying careers, take care of their families, and accumulate wealth.  But… Read more »