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What to believe?

I read an interesting article a while ago claiming that the most rapidly expanding form of worship in today’s world is the worship of celebrities. While I can understand the intrigue with these prominent individuals whom have attained fame and wealth in their lives that most of us can only dream of, what is more… Read more »

Stereotyping: The Human Binary

Stereotypes and the binary number system consist of similar principles. Both categorize elements by an “either/or” determination, thereby allowing for maximum efficiency. Yet, both are limited by that very same “either/or” quality. Problems can arise from such narrow limitations resulting in a mechanical and unwavering bias. However, the benefits provide balance with “either/or” limitations allowing… Read more »

What to Live For

When I was in Europe last year, I learned of a beautiful family tradition. Every month, family members would congregate at the cemetery to remember their dead ancestors, pray for them, and celebrate the good deeds their ancestors had performed in their lives. Many oriental cultures do this too, and often take it a bit… Read more »

What Can We Know?

As you might have guessed, the purpose of part one of this series on epistemology and metaphysics is to tickle the brain and revive its natural curiosity. For a proper foray into philosophy, one must think like a child (the most natural of philosophers) and persist in inquiring, never just dismissing ideas. To put the… Read more »

Epistemology and Metaphysics

Humans are naturally curious. This is most obvious one interacts with children. “Why is the sky blue?” they often ask. Some may dismiss the question with “because it is,” while some may be mischievously creative in hiding their ignorance by making up the story that birds dip their wings in blue paint and fly across… Read more »

Old Age

Having been born after my parents had immigrated to Canada, I have had limited contact with the elderly and I plainly admit that the rare contact that I did have was never pleasant. The few occasions in which my parents persuaded me to volunteer with seniors were not what I would call “pleasurable” as they… Read more »

Student Moms

Few students, no matter how bright, would claim that post-secondary studies are easy. I’ve come across a number of individuals, and not merely an insignificant minority, who struggle with one or two classes per semester simply because finding motivation to do homework can be difficult. Even if you’re managing five or six classes per semester,… Read more »