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Retirement and the Telecommuter

“I wish I could work from home.” my friend states willingly. She commutes three hours to get to her place of work. She may be the wrong person to ask, but working from home is part of her ideal job. Working from home, or telecommuting, has been advocated lately by some businesses. According to an… Read more »

Confucius Bumper-Sticker Style

George Orwell (2003) said the “greatest enemy of clear language” (p. 170) is insincerity. I agree. I can’t seem to write my philosophy essay. The only thing I am sincere about is putting it off. I’ve learned that being philosophical when you are so inclined and studying philosophy are two different things. If that’s the… Read more »

What Risk-takers Already Know

They took a running start. As fast as they could, they jumped into the water. Their laughter was followed by a splash. I stood behind them, peering out from between my fingers and shaking my head emphatically no way. They were jumping off a cliff. I was white-water rafting down the Bow River in Alberta…. Read more »

Common-law to Uncommon?

“So is it different being married?” she asks smiling as she lifts pieces of my hair and snips at them. I’m at the hairdresser’s. It’s raining and cold outside. My husband sits at the front waiting patiently for me. We’ve been married almost a year. My hairdresser makes small talk with me. It’s part of… Read more »

Fiction Feature – The Familiar

“These things happen.” That’s what I overheard standing in line at Cup o’ Joes. Margaret and I used to walk here Sunday mornings before she got sick, and after she retired. I was still teaching one English class a week over at the college. Buying the downtown condo had been Margaret’s idea. We sold our… Read more »

Rejection”?the bad weed

Rejection is the only thing you can count on. And here I thought I only had death and taxes. I have just spent $135 to attend a conference where the only thing I learned was that rejection is a sure thing. I attended the Get Publishing Conference at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton. I listened… Read more »

I’ll Take What I Can Get:

I love spring cleaning. I love it so much that I do it all year long. You can feel free to stop reading now, but I promise I am not a total nerd. Spring cleaning is enormously rewarding. It’s the one time when I can take clutter and distractions, and eliminate them once and for… Read more »