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A safe hiding place?

Perhaps I am having a slight panic attack – overreacting just a little bit. Last week, as I realized I should graduate with my English degree within a year, I became overwhelmed with the thought of looking for a job. I hadn’t anticipated graduation sneaking up on me, as it is something I have been… Read more »

Cooking, Moving And Intimidation

I moved this fall into a new house – new to me at least. As you likely know, one of the many perks of being an Athabasca University student is the ability to move cities without changing schools. I have moved several times, twice to different cities, traveled Europe and done classes in at least… Read more »

BC On Fire

We awoke to the valley filled with smoke again. Above this haze is a bright and beckoning blue sky. You can see it above the haze today, the smoke is hanging low. Other days you see it through holes in the smoke. On bad days, you don’t know what the weather would really be like,… Read more »