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Health Consciousness – Apply Bamboozlement Directly to The Forehead!

You’ve seen the commercials, starting with the now-classic ?HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead!? obnoxiousness. A more recent incarnation–?I hate your commercials, but your product is amazing!?–is a similarly crass, low-budget mess in which some schlub rants about the lameness of the very commercial you’re subjected to (?Wow, I can’t stand this commercial either,? you… Read more »

Health Consciousness: Enviga-rate Your Weight Loss Reality

Want to lose weight, quickly, effortlessly, and deliciously? It’s as simple as buying boatloads of an exciting-looking new drink produced and marketed by the newly minted health experts at Coca-Cola and Nestle. You merely need to consume three pricey cans of the drink each day. That’s not exactly how Coca Cola and Nestle put it… Read more »