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Music Review – The Butcher Knives

Musician: Butcher Knives Album: Misery Throughout my studies at Athabasca University I have been encouraged to approach the world just a little bit differently and with an open and flexible understanding. I have spent hours mulling over a philosophical concepts originating from a culture much different from my own, determining the significant differences between an… Read more »

Music Review – Rose Cora Perry

Musician: Rose Cora Perry Album: Onto the Floor Ontario’s own Rose Cora Perry is gearing up to launch her upcoming solo sophomore solo album Onto the Floor. Fans of Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morrisette are sure to love her emotionally driven vocals and her laid back, no nonsense music. Also working as a model, graphic/web… Read more »

Music Review – Jas Patrick

Musician: Jas Patrick EP: Inky Ovine Inky Ovine is the third EP from Nashville singer/songwriter Jas Patrick, and every music lover needs to check out this hidden gem. Although Jas’s music is typically considered rock, soul, blues, and Americana, he also tosses in elements of alternative, gypsy-punk, reggae, flamenco, folk, country, and even jazz. Jass… Read more »

Music Review – North Easton

Musician: North Easton Album: One of the Lucky Ones Canadian music legend, North Easton, is gearing up for the release of his debut solo album, One of the Lucky Ones, on October 15th. For fans of Dave Matthews, Phil Collins, Counting Crows, and Cat Stevens, North’s album should not be missed. Full of folk-rock and… Read more »

Music Review – Haj i Ji and Sariyah Idan

Artists: Haj i Ji and Sariyah Idan Single: “Where Will I Go (feat. Sariyah Idan)” Haji i Ji and Sariyah Idan just released their beautiful collaborative track “Where Will I Go.” Part of Haji i Ji’s latest EP, Reports of My Demise, released September 20th, “Where Will I Go” is an amazing single that is… Read more »

Music Review – Bear Mountain

Band: Bear Mountain Album: Badu Vancouver’s Bear Mountain is back with their sophomore album Badu. Released September 9th, Badu is the much anticipated follow-up to Bear Mountain’s critically acclaimed debut XO, and fans of the band’s unique electronic-indie sound will love this album. Founded in 2011, Bear Mountain has steadily been turning heads with their… Read more »

Music Review – The Temperance Movement

Band: The Temperance Movement Album: White Bear British heavy blues-rockers, The Temperance Movement, is back with their second studio album White Bear, which was released at the end of January this year. Fans of bands like Monster Truck and Wolfmother will appreciate the heavier rock guitars and pounding drums, whereas fans of Pearl Jam, The… Read more »

Music Review – The Tourist Company

Band: The Tourist Company Single: “Pedestals” Following the success of their previous three EPs and a summer spent playing the Canadian music festival circuit, Vancouver’s The Tourist Company is gearing up to release their debut LP this fall. In anticipation of the release the album Apollo on October 21st, The Tourist Company released the single… Read more »

Music Review – The Infinite Seas

Band: The Infinite Seas Single: “In Your House” The Cure fans rejoice! LA-based The Infinite Seas has just dropped their amazing cover of The Cure’s “In Your House.” Known for their stunning electronic beats and beautiful harmonies, The Infinite Seas have composed a unique cover that enhances the best parts of the original. The Infinite… Read more »

Music Review – Will Wood & The Tapeworms

Band: Will Wood & The Tapeworms (link) Album: Self-ish More highly imaginative and bizarre music is needed in this world, and I am happy to say that Will Wood & The Tapeworms are more than happy to deliver. Fans of Gogol Bordello, David Bowie, and My Chemical Romance will absolutely love the latest release from… Read more »