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Music Review – Two Singles by Ghosts of Eden

Artist: Ghosts of Eden Singles: ?Prizefighter? and ?Happy? It’s no secret that I am a huge rock fan. I love the rock of the early 2000s: Nickleback, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Third Eye Blind, 3 Doors Down, and Pearl Jam. When I turned on my stereo to listen to Ghosts of Eden’s latest singles, I had… Read more »

Music Review – “High Line”

Artist: The Bone Chimes Single: “High Line” Music has a way of becoming part of our everyday lives. Personally, there is nothing I love more than creating and listening to a personal soundtrack when I am out and about in the world. The songs on my playlist are typically not of the average pop music… Read more »

Music Review – Memorial

Artist: Another Green World Album: Memorial With the hectic holiday season over it’s important to take some time to relax and ease back into your normal schedule. I think there’ss no better way to relax and start a new year off right than to check out a new musician. I was surprised by Another Green… Read more »

Music Review – Rapid Eye Movement

Following the 2012 release of their second album, the internationally acclaimed Rapid Eye Movement, Sétamùr is now releasing the remix, Remix Eye Movement, a collaboration with a variety of talented musicians from around Europe. The original album was dedicated to Serbian musician, Melinda Ligeti, who not only collaborates with Sétamùr in the remix album, but… Read more »

Music Review – “Get You Good”

Single: Get You Good Artist: Stroamata In the rough times, music can be a wonderful way to cope with intense feelings. Stroamata appears to recognize this need for music to comfort us during the ups and downs of our lives, and their latest single seeks to remind us of our internal strength that we sometimes… Read more »

Music Review – “I’m a Fool for You”

Single: I’m a Fool For You Artist: The High Learys The pop music of the 60s was dominated by guitars, drums, and mid-range male vocals, with the synthesizer lending the iconic sounds that the music has come to be known for. Often the upbeat tempo would have listeners up and dancing, or enjoying the music… Read more »

Music Review – Bluebird

Album: Bluebird Artist: Kalen & The Sky Thieves Sometimes we all need music that we can just sit back, listen to, and sink into the sounds and rhythms as they gently roll over us. Bluebird by Kalen & The Sky Thieves is full of music that will wash away all the stressors of the day…. Read more »

Music Review – Dad Rock

Album: Dad Rock Artist: The Harmonica Lewinskies The days are getting darker earlier, the skies are cloudy all too often, and the snow is beginning to settle on the ground. It’s time for a pick up, and The Harmonica Lewinskies are here to save the day with upbeat music that will have you shaking off… Read more »

Music Review – Westing

Album: Westing Artist: The Grayces Released on October 14th, Westing is The Grayces second full-length album. The Nashville-based grunge psych-rock trio is best known for their powerful vocals, pounding drums, and throbbing bass lines. Compared to bands like Black Sabbath, Nirvana, and Queens of the Stone Age, The Grayces have captured the darker side of… Read more »

An Interview with the AUSU President

AUSU is a fantastic organization that is devoted to representing the student body of Athabasca University. Not only are they the relay between the university and the students, they also provide many services that are of benefit to students, and promote peer-to-peer support. In addition, AUSU also offer a variety of student awards and bursaries,… Read more »