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Music Review – Sentimental Gentlemen

Band: Sentimental Gentlemen Album: The Devil’s In The Details Available now for streaming from their website, Sentimental Gentlemen’s The Devil’s In The Details is a fantastic rock and roll album coupled with an amazing story of perseverance and dedication. Founded in 2013, Fort McMurray’s Sentimental Gentlemen were on the road when the wildfires ripped through… Read more »

Music Review – The History of Gunpowder

Band: The History of Gunpowder EP: Stained Glass, Rye and Wax Released 6 May, Stained Glass, Rye and Wax is The History of Gunpowder’s third EP. Conceived in Kerala, South India, and then polished in Vancouver and Montreal, the EP features the musical talents of seventeen extraordinarily gifted musicians. Skillfully mixed and mastered by Chris… Read more »

Music Review – Butcher Knives

Musician: Butcher Knives Album: Misery Throughout my studies at Athabasca University I have been encouraged to approach the world just a little bit differently and with an open and flexible understanding. I have spent hours mulling over a philosophical concepts originating from a culture much different from my own, determining the significant differences between an… Read more »

Music Review – The Flux Machine

Band: The Flux Machine Album: Louder! I may have found an album that can easily replace my typical pre-study coffee. Let’s face it, nothing is more difficult for a distance education student than motivating yourself enough to get going. Some days I find that psyching myself up enough to hit the books feels something like… Read more »

Music Review – Daydream Cathedral

Duo: Daydream Cathedral EP: Ancestors I’ve recently been introduced to a music genre that has quickly moved up my list of favourites. Shoegaze is a music genre that originated in England in the early 1990s. Music that falls under this genre is identified by the songs being composed of a high level of electronic effects… Read more »

Music Review – Michael Franti & Spearhead

Musician: Michael Franti and Spearhead Album: SOULROCKER Ready for some of the most politically charged and optimistic music that I’ve ever heard? I wasn’t sure what to expect when I encountered Michael Franti’s upcoming album SOULROCKER, with his heavy emphasis on political turmoil and well known activism. But I was pleasantly surprised to be met… Read more »

Music Review – AKA V

Musician: AKA V Single: “Always Go Home” It is always exciting when a young musician embarks on their musical journey. It is even more exciting when they get their feet under them and are ready to share their music with the world. This is the point that AKA V (Vanessa Huneault) is at in her… Read more »

Music Review – Jordan Klassen

Musician: Jordan Klassen Album: Javelin I firmly believe that music is one of the best medicines. Music is always there when you need it, a band-aid for a hurt soul, a warm blanket for a wounded heart. Through music, people share experiences, emotions, and thoughts when words fail. And music like that created by Jordan… Read more »

Music Review – HIGHS

Band: HIGHS Album: Dazzle Camouflage Alt-pop is a genre of music that is really starting to pique my interest. From the genre’s typical pop beats to its atypical electronic effects, the allure of alt-pop is growing stronger. And one defining element of this genre is its ability to surprise listeners with unexpected sounds and melodies… Read more »

Music Review – Operators

Band: Operators Album: Blue Wave Often electronic music tends to drone on and on and listeners can go through an entire album with little interest or effort on their part. But Blue Wave is not that kind of electronic music. The tracks on Blue Wave are full of such intense energy that you’ll be drawn… Read more »