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Music Review – Donovan Woods

Musician: Donovan Woods Album: Hard Settle, Ain’t Troubled Genres are perhaps the worst thing in the music world. Genres put music into a definable box; they make it easy for those who write about music to pinpoint exactly what they are listen-ing to. Is it a good thing to confine such a phenomenon as music… Read more »

Music Review – Charlotte Cornfield

Musician: Charlotte Cornfield Album: Future Snowbird Folk-rock is a difficult genre to pull together effectively. Yet, when folk and rock are brought together in a brilliant harmony, the result is a song that will reach out and touch the very heart of the listener. Charlotte Cornfield’s latest album Future Snowbird features such a blend of… Read more »

Music Review – Ben Caplan

Musician: Ben Caplan Album: Birds With Broken Wings The diversity of Canadian musical talent always astounds me. Every genre of music features prominent Canadian artists. However, there are many Canadian musicians that transcend the confines of genres, creating music that is very different. Halifax musician Ben Caplan can be counted among the genre-defying musicians with… Read more »

Music Review – Greg Laswell

Musician: Greg Laswell Album: Everyone Thinks I Dodged A Bullet There is something ethereal about soft and emotional alternative music when mixed with a cello and various electronic effects. The music is tempestuous and seems to emanate from the very depths of the human soul. Yet the result is something far from melodramatic. Instead, your… Read more »

Music Review – Bonnie Raitt

Musician: Bonnie Raitt Album: Dig in Deep I am always amazed when a musician can spend an entire life creating music and still come up with something new and surprising. For more than 40 years, Bonnie Raitt has shown the world her amazing ability to create fresh music that is full vigour and sass. Since… Read more »

Music Review – Collective Soul

Band: Collective Soul Album: See What You Started By Continuing When I was growing up I loved listening to the local radio station, eagerly waiting for one of my favourite songs to play, no matter how long I had to wait. And when a song I loved finally played, I experienced a few precious minutes… Read more »

Music Review – Ken Stead

Artist: Ken Stead Album: Fear Has No Place Here Folk and country inspired rock music has been playing more on the radio. Which is great, in my opinion, since I find that when pop music that gets overplayed it tends to sound the same after a while. So it is with great pleasure that I… Read more »

Music Review: Shelita Burke

Artist: Shelita Burke EP: Transfixed St. Valentine’s Day is Sunday! Is it a day you take note of or do you ignore it? Do you go the commercial route, flowers and chocolates, or do you tend to indulge your Valentine with homemade goodies? No matter your plans for the day, I’m sure there will be… Read more »

Music Review – Jason Collett

Artist: Jason Collett Album: Song and Dance Man A newly released album doesn’t get any fresher than this. A brand new album from Canadian indie rock legend Jason Collett is out today (February 5th). Song and Dance man is fun, funky, and will have you loving Canadian music all over again. Originally from Bramalea, Ontario,… Read more »

Music Review – Omega Diatribe

Band: Omega Diatribe Album: Abstract Ritual I’ve always been a huge fan of hard rock, metal, battle metal, and heavy metal, specifically music of those genres that comes from Eastern and Northern Europe. The first time I was introduced to this style of music was in Vocal Music class in high school when our teacher… Read more »