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Music Review – Reno McCarthy

Artist: Reno McCarthy EP: Man of the City The creation of modern music is all about finding your own unique sound. That isn’t as easy as it sounds, considering that every day we are constantly bombarded with whatever song happens to be at the top of the charts that week. However, despite this, solo musician… Read more »

Music Review – Gabe Close

Musician: Gabe Close EP: Leave That Light On Every once in a while I come across a musician that seems to create magnificent music so effortlessly. The ease of mastering their craft can be heard in their music; this mastery is evident with every beat of the drum, note delicately sung, and guitar string strum…. Read more »

Music Review – Believe

EP: Believe Band: Impending Lies I am always excited to listen to and learn about a new hard rock band. I am always amazed by the sounds that hard rock bands come up with. Some bands have included pianos, violins, and flutes in their songs, which brings the tones and melodies to another dimension, and… Read more »

Music Review – Til the Wheels Fall Off

EP: Till the Wheels Fall Off Artist: Shane Martin I’ll be honest, I am not a country fan. The genre has never really captured my attention or inspired me the way other musical genres have. But, despite the lack of country songs in my playlist, I have to admit that I did enjoy Shane Martin’s… Read more »

Music Review – Ain’t So Young

Album: Ain’t So Young Band: Glamour Assassins Adding fresh energy to the punk/rock genre can be difficult. Most of the time the music sounds like a rehash of The Clash or other 80s punk bands and doesn’t bring anything new to listen to. Yet in the realm of indie pop there is a band?a band… Read more »

Music Review – Run Koko

Album: Run Koko Band: Hey Anna It’s finally summer. The sun is bright and hot, the gentle lake breeze washes over you like a refreshing wave, and every morning you feel like you’re in a tiny paradise. At least that is how my summer spent camping at a lake feels. What makes my paradise even… Read more »

Music Review – Eric and Aaron

EP: To Keep From Losing Our Minds Band: Eric and Aaron There are a few criteria that I judge my favourite music by: originality, balanced harmony between vocals and music (especially if there are more than two singers), dramatic bass, emotionally driven vocals, light but thought provoking lyrics, and feelings of epic awesomeness washing over… Read more »

Music Review – Soul Trigga, featuring Rich Kidd

Single: “Soul Trigga ft. Rich Kidd” Artist: ESMA It’s been awhile since I reviewed a single. Typically I prefer to listen to an entire album to get a good idea about a musician’s talent. But when I listened to ESMA’s latest single “Soul Trigga” I was so blown away by her music that I couldn’t… Read more »

Music Review – Into the Night

EP: Into the Night Band: London Has Fallen Alternative music has always been one of my favourite genres. The music that falls into this category often pushes the boundaries, integrating a variety of musical elements and incorporating lyrics that draw on raw emotion for inspiration. With the release of their EP, Into the Night, London… Read more »

Music Review – Fever

Album: Fever Band: Canopy Climbers Technology is perhaps one of humankind’s crowning achievements. It allows me to introduce you to new music every week, I am able to connect with different types of musicians all over the planet, and, most importantly for AU students, technology has allowed us to learn and grow as people. For… Read more »