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Music Review – Beginnings

Album: Beginnings Band: OzGoode I love hearing new bands. I am always so excited to hear what they have to say and the style they choose to get their message across. I love it even more when a band feels confident enough in their music to produce their first EP and present it to the… Read more »

Music Review – Lipstick Debut Album (Special Edition)

Album: Lipstick Debut Album [Special Edition] Band: Lipstick It is rare to find a band that is fun, entertaining, unique, and true to its origins, but with the added bonus of playing face melting rock music. Like a legendary creature finally emerging from its egg after a hundred years, the raw sound of Lipstick will… Read more »

Music Review – Anywhere But Here

Album: Anywhere But Here Band: Hawk and Steel Music is shaped by the world around us. Each trip, every change, even the smallest journey influences how we listen to and interpret music. Musicians also draw from the world around them for inspiration. Hawk and Steel’s music is guided by the imagery and stories of the… Read more »

Music Review – Oakville Ontology

Album: Oakville Ontology Artist: Patrick Ames One of the reasons that I love music so much is that, as an art, it forces us to constantly think differently about the world around us. It is through music that we can achieve the most heavenly harmonies and diabolical drumbeats. It is also a medium through which… Read more »

Music Review – Realize

Album: Realize Artist: Tumbleweed Wanderers The days are growing warmer, very warm where I live, and the grass and trees are becoming greener every day. It feels like summer is in the air and I am looking for my summer road trip music. Tumbleweed Wanderers? album Realize is coming out just in time. To be… Read more »

Music Review – The Second City

Album: The Second City Artist: Shameem It’s not often that I am instantly a fan of a musician. I typically need a few songs to decide whether or not I like them, and if I decide that I do it is usually because they do something different, use elements that I like, or are inspired… Read more »

Music Review – Graveyard of Dreams

Album: Graveyard of Dreams Artist: Joseph Pagano Sometimes It’s amazing where life can take us. One moment we find ourselves following one track, only to be nudged onto another track entirely. Joseph Pagano is one such person. It seemed that music was always in Joseph’s life. Over the years his life’s journey brought him in… Read more »

Music Review – Child of Fire

Album: Child of Fire Artist: Sky White Tiger I grew up with the sounds of Moby, Love Inc., and Radiohead. The one thing that I loved about these artists was the surreal combination between the moody electronic effects and unearthly singing. Even to this day, when I need music to spark a creative idea, listen… Read more »

Music Review – Singles from Fable Cry

Singles: “Onion Grin” and “Fancy Dancing” Band: Fable Cry As an English major I have read my fair share of fairy-tales, myths, and legends. But as a musical person, I always wondered what they would sound like, or perhaps what the characters were singing to themselves as they ventured off to save someone, or the… Read more »