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Music Review – Dirty Cheat

Album: Dirty Cheat Artist: Laura Cole There is something about Jazz and R&B influenced music that I find so raw and intense. And I find that these genres are the best at giving a voice to some of the most intense emotions. Laura Cole’s music is no exception. In her first all original album, Dirty… Read more »

Music Review – Melody

Album: Melody Artist: Ensemble Du Verre Taking twenty minutes to sit back and relax can be very beneficial to your health. However, if you find complete silence unnerving, like me, finding the right music to listen to while taking a moment for yourself is important. Melody from Ensemble Du Verre is perfectly suited to carry… Read more »

Music Review – The Night Before

Artist: No Dry County Album: The Night Before There is something about some types of music that remind you of summertime. The songs that bring fond summer memories back to the forefront of the mind often have that laid back tone, soft singing, and a slight country influence. Maybe It’s because I spend my summer… Read more »

Music Review – Pulp

Artist: The Seasons Album: Pulp As winter draws to a close and the warm sunshine begins to seep through the snow and rain laden clouds, we find ourselves venturing outside more often to welcome the coming change of the season. And what makes that experience even more uplifting is fun and quirky music gently rolling… Read more »

Music Review – Enter to Exit

Artist: The Highway Album: Enter To Exit Recently The Voice Magazine‘s Wanda Waterman caught up with The Highway and discovered what makes them tick as musicians and a band. As truly unique and inspiring artists, The Highway has risen to success in an area where it can be hard for bands to get the exposure… Read more »

Music Review – Eddie Cohn

Artist: Eddie Cohn Album: Guarantee Me Love A growing trend in music has been for bands and musicians to release a single or two that gain popularity and guide listeners towards the remainder of their album. Unfortunately, most people are content with only listening to the popular singles and ignoring the full album. However, sometimes… Read more »

Music Review – Singles by Duke Dumont

Artist: Duke Dumont Singles: “I Got U” and “Won’t Look Back” Techno and dance music can be fun and uplifting at times, and Duke Dumont’s latest singles “Won’t Look Back” and “I Got U” (featuring Jax Jones) will get you moving with a big smile on your face, whether you are on the dance floor… Read more »

Music Review – “White Washed Walls”

Artist: Yes Nice Single: “White Washed Walls” Sometimes a song that is unusual and eclectic has a way of sticking with you. “White Washed Walls” is one such song. The various elements in the song combine to create music that seemingly shouldn’t sound good, but oddly enough it does. And what’s more, the song has… Read more »

Music Review – Foreign Lands

Artist: First You Get The Sugar Album: Foreign Lands I first came across the band First You Get The Sugar while I was driving home after writing an exam last November. Typically, when I hear a band on the radio and try to make a mental note to look them up, I usually end up… Read more »

Music Review – Singles by Porter Robinson

Artist: Porter Robinson Singles: “Lionhearted” the original, the remixes, and the edits It is always wonderful to see a young musician recognized for their obvious talents and gain popularity and success after working hard to achieve their dreams. Porter Robinson is one lucky young man. Now 22, Porter began producing electronic and dance music at… Read more »