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Convocation 2007! – Day 1

This is the first of a special three-part Voice report on Athabasca University’s 2007 Convocation, which took place June 7, 8, and 9. The Voice offers its warmest congratulations to all this year’s graduates! Thursday, June 7, dawned bright and clear. Under the blue Alberta skies, the day’s activities began as usual for most people–but… Read more »

Editorial – Lessons Learned

In early May, a group of sixth-graders set out for an adventure with their teachers–a weeklong trip to a state park in their home state of Tennessee. Like it would be for any group of young kids, the trip was probably high adventure, perhaps the first time that some of them had been away from… Read more »

Editorial – On Death and Dissent

When protestors refused to ride the buses during the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott of 1955 and 1956, they struck a blow against one of the many institutions that upheld segregation. When suffragettes disrupted Britain’s House of Commons in 1908, they targeted a body that was determined to deny them the right to vote. Protest–steadfast, prolonged,… Read more »

Editorial – The Silver Lining

On this Victoria Day long weekend–affectionately known by countless Canadians as May Two-Four–the lifejackets will be pulled out of storage, the highways will be bumper-to-bumper, and everyone will be hoping for good weather. All eyes will be turned skyward, and if the clouds unleash a torrent or the temperature turns chilly, there will be grumbles… Read more »

Editorial – I Spy

Remember I spy? No, not the television show; the game that kids play, the one where somebody picks an object and the other players guess what item they’re thinking of. Well, it seems there’s a new version of the game and It’s turning out to be more popular than ever; the only trouble is, you… Read more »

Editorial – And They’re Off

In our speed-obsessed society, there’s no end of gadgets to help people hurry things up. It started (in the memories of most garden variety Homo sapiens sapiens) with the vacuum cleaner, the dishwasher, and the electric can opener. Inventors moved ahead at warp speed, and now we can send images of things that are going… Read more »

Editorial – A Tangled Web

Isn’t it great, this World Wide Web? Every day, billions of people catch a virtual wave, surfing the news, posting pictures of their cute kid or puppy or kitten, shopping, doing research–you name it. In fact, there’s so much information available on the web (with more being added every day) that a single person could… Read more »

Editorial – No Easy Answers

The news reports are still coming in, the survivors are still in hospital, and already the tragedy at Virginia Polytechnic Institute has sparked a forceful reaction from those on both sides of the gun control issue. Politicians are lying low, but the debate is simmering and it won’t be long before it comes to a… Read more »

Those Snakes, That Plane

Usually, it’s documentaries. The Nile perch, marching penguins, or that weirdly fascinating guy communing with grizzlies “? take your pick. On any given weekend, my hubby and I can be found combing the shelves at Blockbuster, looking for something educational and thought provoking. When it’s not that, we’re hunched over our communal study area, foreheads… Read more »


The sympathy in the young girl’s voice was genuine. It was a moment of pure compassion; of one person reaching out to another across the void in this hard-wired, fast-paced world. “Oh no,” she sighed. “That’s awful.” We were talking about cable. Or, more precisely, cable TV and the really great deal that she could… Read more »