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Is There a Doula In The House? – pt.2

For the first part of “Is There A Doula In The House”, see last week’s issue of The Voice [January 28, 2004 – v12 i04]. I know you consider yourself a feminist. How does being a doula fit into or complement those beliefs? Being a doula is all about empowering women to reclaim the birth… Read more »

Is There a Doula In The House?

A doula? What’s a doula, you say? Well, I was in that very same boat up until a year ago when my close friend, Rachel, became one. For those of you who don’t have a doula for a friend, I’m going to share mine with you. Sunday afternoon after a leisurely brunch, the two of… Read more »

A Bitter Pill To Swallow

North Americans are undeniably pill-poppers. As a culture, we’ve grown accustomed to looking for a quick fix or the next “miracle” pill. Not surprisingly, the number of prescriptions sold annually has skyrocketed over the last decade. What has happened over that time to warrant such a spike in sales? Has our collective health deteriorated so… Read more »

A Hole In The Heart

Published on September 3, 2003 [v11 i36], A Hole in The Heart gave Voice readers a glimpse of the aftermath of September 11th from two angles: the commercialized, tourist curiosity that Ground Zero has become, and the raw, emotional aftermath that still haunts the citizens of New York. A few months ago, I found myself,… Read more »

FASHION PHOTO FEATURE – Birds of a Different Feather

Harajuku Station, and the area surrounding it, was once home to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. The area has morphed over the years to host competitions of an entirely different kind; it is now home to the teen Fashionistas of the city. Although there are no medals given out to these competitors, often the acknowledgement and… Read more »

Fiction Feature – Poetry by…

left behind like the hockey jerseys and books long forgotten in your parents’ basement collecting dust a relic of a past life a memory a stepping stone onto bigger better newer me, not so much same old same old same old i know i’ve begun to fade from colour to grey to a vague memory… Read more »

The Voice Fiction Feature – Poems by…

In the Arms of Dionysus I sat on the rock wall my eyes stinging from the salt in the air the Aegean showing off below me Demonstrating its force throwing itself against the rocks for any or all who cared to see Like most things of great beauty the showy display is seen as stunning… Read more »

A Hole In The Heart

A few months ago, I found myself, quite unexpectedly, planning my first trip to New York City. For weeks, I pored over travel guides, and checked out websites, all in an effort to compile a must-see list for myself. With only four days in the city, I wanted to make sure I was organised. I… Read more »