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Savannah Ugo

Savannah is a first year student at Athabasca University studying business management with a focus on marketing. She has a weakness for old-timey hand drawn animation, and can almost always be persuaded to compare the storyboards of a movie with the film itself. Savannah likes learning and then repeating knowledgeable-sounding Latin quotes (whether or not the situation calls for it) and she hopes to eventually learn German. She’s also an avid baseball player/umpire in the summer, and a shinny enthusiast in the winter. In whatever time she has left, she likes to bake French desserts.

The Disreputable Rhetorician

I now bring you the Disreputable Rhetorician!  A curated selection of the finest explanations of rhetorical strategies and literary devices explained quickly, precisely, and (only sometimes) entirely incorrectly.  I’ll discuss concessions, refutations, alliterations, fallacies, and even conflagrations (despite numerous well-wishers’ attempts to convince me that a conflagration is not a rhetorical device at all). Concessions… Read more »

The Politics of Picking a Film for Family Movie Night

Family movie night, that hallowed Friday tradition to cap off a fruitful week is one of the most rewarding yet controversial activities that a household can share.  Amidst varying tastes, moods, and the unspoken law of “who picked last,” is there possibly a common ground amongst movie enthusiasts, a simple code that can be followed… Read more »