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Sports Solutions for Athabasca University Students

September is here and University campuses all over Canada are coming alive again as the 2003-04 school year begins. This is also the time when students are trying out for Varsity sports teams, signing up for intramural sports leagues and joining the other athletic programs available in most Universities. Unfortunately, since Athabasca University is a… Read more »

Internet Addicts

The internet has become so important and widely used in our society today that some people are beginning to spend extraordinarily large amounts of their time online. People are using the internet for activities such as school, work, games, banking, social interaction and much more. It seems that the internet is an amazing system capable… Read more »

Canadian Olympic-training Regatta, Kingston (CORK)

The Kingston Olympic Harbour (left) was barely visible on the first day of the Canadian Olympic-training Regatta, Kingston (CORK). Hundreds of sailboats came from all over the world to sail in series one, which took place from August 16-20. The classes of boats in series one included Laser’s, Laser Radial’s, Laser 2’s, Bytes, 29er’s, 470’s,… Read more »

Lights Go Out in Ontario and North-Eastern United States

50 million people in Ontario and the north-eastern United States were shocked on Thursday August 14 when they simultaneously lost their power at 4:15 p.m. ET. Later on that night at 11 p.m. ET Premier Ernie Eves declared a state of emergency for Ontario (CBC – State of Emergency). While most people remained calm and… Read more »