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Fiction Feature – Sally’s Story

She did not really know why she was there. She told herself it was because she had more work to do, but she did not believe her own explanation. She had run out of tasks, out of clearing the desk, out of ideas. She was simply there avoiding going home. ‘Home’ was an important concept,… Read more »

The Voice Fiction Feature – Smart Theft

It was a simple thought, but it paid off big time. In 1976 my father began working at Chase Manhattan’s headquarters in New York. A former major in the army, he had retired with honours and was found a job as head of night security at the Chase by his connected friends who had left… Read more »

Fiction Feature – The Mozart Scholar

In the end, it didn’t take long, after all. Just a few still minutes. Then it was all over. The game was ended and the masquerade exposed. He always knew it would be. Six years was a good run to pretend to be an intellectual. A person with a mind, a passion and an understanding…. Read more »