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Au President Receives Award In Versailles

This week Athabasca University will be recognized internationally through the achievements of President, Dominique Abrioux. In a ceremony in Versailles France, Dr. Abrioux will receive an honorary Doctor of The University award from the Senate of the Open University [UK] in recognition of his work in areas of special educational concern to the University. The… Read more »

AUSU Council Meeting August 11, 2003, 11:00 AM MST – Reported by Tamra Ross Low

Chair: Debbie Jabbour, President AUSU Council Members: Shirley Barg, Nicholas Palamarchuk, Sandra Moore, Mac McInnis, Karl Low, Minutes taken by: Meeting taped for transcription Also present: Voice Editor: Tamra Ross Low, plus 2 student observers. SPECIAL GUEST – Dr. Dominique Abrioux, President, Athabasca University The August 11th council meeting centered around an address by Dr…. Read more »

Stem Cell Research – Exploiting Little Frankenstein’s Monsters, or a New Paradigm for Western Medicine?

“Rearchers [sic] at Dalhousie University are leading groundbreaking studies into stem cell treatment of Parkinson’s disease and stroke and into the ethics of using stem cells from human embryos for research and therapeutic purposes” says a June 5th press release from the university. This research, which seeks to utilize the regenerative properties of adult and… Read more »

Great Deals for Those Who Visit Toronto

Air Canada has launched a web site called Canada Loves Toronto (, geared toward promoting tourism to the city by advertising deals for travelers. The web site includes listings of cheap flights to Toronto, hotel deals, car-rental deals, low-priced entertainment packages, restaurant packages and discounts on entrance admissions to many Toronto attractions. The subtitle of… Read more »

The Paper – A Look At The Very First Issue of The Voice

Throughout the month of May, the voice will be celebrating its 10th year in publication. Each week I’ll be delving into the archives to provide a retrospective of our paper, and by extension, the factors affecting AU students throughout the past decade. Many changes in school and government policy have taken place over this time… Read more »

AUSU Council Meeting – MARCH 4, 2003 – 8:45 pm to 11:30 pm

On March 20th AUSU council convened for a regularly scheduled council meeting. Present were AUSU council, with the exception of Gurpreet Dulai, Voice Editor Tamra Ross Low, and AUSU Admin Assistant, Carla Benavides. The meeting started at 8:45 pm, at which time the minutes of the March 4 council meeting were presented and discussed, and… Read more »