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Strange Heirlooms: Fall Cleaning Impossibilities

Spring cleaning, or fall cleaning. Some of us like to us like to clear out our junk before the warm weather arrives; others pull out the brooms and dustpans as the summer fades. The changing of seasons marks the years, and we are reminded to clear out the clutter when we rake up the leaves… Read more »

Can The English Language Survive E-Speak?

Most people use email now, and those of us in distance universities probably use it more than most. It was once thought that Email would come to replace regular postal mail, and to a large extent is has, but it differs from regular mail in sheer volume. Most people today receive far more emails than… Read more »

Christmas Shopping Online: Save Time But Be Careful

Christmas shopping can be a lot of fun, but it can also be incredibly time consuming and stressful if you have a busy schedule. The closer it gets to Christmas, the more stressed shoppers become, and it is difficult not to feed off of that negative energy when you are in the stores. Part of… Read more »

Canadian SU at the Forefront of Battle for Free Speech

As a member of the Athabasca University Students’ Union, I am very interested in the activities of other students’ unions – especially those that represent students of Canadian universities. Students’ unions do not operate by a set list of activities, programs, or initiatives. Instead, we have guiding principles, and ethical and financial responsibilities that help… Read more »

This Christmas, Give A Gift To The Earth: David Suzuki’s Nature Challenge Simplifies Making A Difference.

This November, Canadian environmentalist, author, and television host David Suzuki has challenged Canadians to start taking concrete action against pollution, waste, and environmental damage [see:]. The David Suzuki Foundation has named this initiative The Nature Challenge, and a number of prominent Canadians, including Hockey Night in Canada host Ron MacLean, National Ballet of Canada’s… Read more »

Not All Technological Discoveries Are Advances.

I’m in love with technology – let’s get that strait right off the bat. I shop on the internet: for gifts, clothes, entertainment, food, and everything else you can think of. Our house is fully networked so that the computers in our two home offices can transfer files in a blink over a high-speed cable… Read more »

Something Festive This Way Comes…

Halloween is only two short weeks away, and if you are like most people, you will be scrambling to get prepared, but will end up leaving most of the work until the very last minute. It happens to all of us. Nevertheless, decorating the house and yard can be great fun for parents and children,… Read more »

Monarchy and Politics – Strange Bedfellows

This week Queen Elizabeth visits Canada and, as always, her arrival brings controversy. It is a controversy that will not go away. Every year more Canadians question if Canada still needs an official monarch, and royal visits will always bring this argument to the fore. It is a reasonable question. For decades, the official function… Read more »