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Tania Parker

An exhausted mom to a tween daughter and a threenager son. Happily married (to an electrician, which comes in handy). Recently added Ralf, a Thai rescue dog, to the family, along with a 55gallon freshwater aquarium. Never a dull moment here!

Dreamed of becoming a writer since the first grade, after writing “Sewer Manure”, about a girl who falls in love with a manure-boy that lives in a sewer.

Loves coffee and naps.

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From Murder to Meaning

The power of one moment, one word. The moment: Easter Monday, 1978.  The moment Margot Van Sluytman’s father was murdered while attempting to stop an armed robbery. The word: sawbonna.  A Zulu greeting that translates to “I see you”.  To see our shared humanity, the goodness in one another, our fragility.  The way Van Sluytman… Read more »

Putting the Tech in E-texts

Love it or hate it, e-texts are now a part of AU life. E-texts (short for electronic textbooks) are the 21st century of textbooks: digital, downloadable versions of printed, hardcopy textbooks.  The shift toward e-texts was announced in 2002 as part of AU’s commitment to become “a fully online university”, and, so far, e-texts have… Read more »