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Photo Feature – Pleasures of Paris

As part of her translation studies, Tanja Ahlin participated in an exchange program that took her to Paris. In a five-part series, Tanja treated Voice readers to a glimpse of this magnificent city through her camera lens. This photo feature originally appeared July 13, 2007, in issue 1526. As my second semester of studying in… Read more »

Photo Feature – Pleasures of Paris

As my second semester of studying in Paris was coming to an end, I decided it was time to revise my experience and my impressions of the French capital. Not surprisingly, I was not very enthusiastic about my leaving. One of the greatest cities in the world had become my home for almost a year…. Read more »

Photo Feature – Nothing About Paris

The rumour is true–after a couple of months living in France I can confirm with confidence that its capital is amazing. But now and then, somewhere between philosophy-inspired classes and smoke-filled cafes, the curiosity to see what lies beyond the city’s three-ring highway rises in me. Then I just have to trick my boyfriend into… Read more »

Photo Feature – Sundays In Paris

Although the weekdays I spend in Paris as an exchange student are not as full as those of my fellow (but regular) students, I have a special affinity for Sundays, and for a number of good reasons. Lucky as I am, I live close to the little square at the foot of rue Mouffetard, which… Read more »

Voice Photo Feature – Party Time in Paris

When the year starts coming to its end, people start partying. Or at least that happens in Slovenia, where I come from. The shop windows change their outfits beginning in November and everything sparkles in that Christmas-y red and green, so the whole capital, Ljubljana, reminds me of a field of poppies. And then Merry… Read more »

Voice Photo Feature – Autumn in Paris

As my studies in translation are surprisingly fast approaching their end, I decided it was the right time for me to put my knowledge of French to a final test. I live in Slovenia, a small European country, where students, at least many students that I know, take great advantage of the Socratus-Erasmus progam for… Read more »

Costa Rica – Behind the Scene

This summer I studied hard. Actually, I took a kind of survival course. The syllabus covered issues such as: how to survive a month living together with about twenty other people, how to survive an encounter with a deadly snake (or three), how to survive writing a 20 page directed research report in 24 hours,… Read more »

Buying Your Money – My Experience of Zimbabwe

PART 1: Two years ago I found myself on a plane to a country I had not, until then, given much though to. What I knew about Zimbabwe was that it is somewhere in Southern Africa and it used to be quite prosperous, but then something went wrong. What I also knew, after some minor… Read more »

Travel Photo Feature – Portugal Up Close

My second trip to Portugal was of a different nature than all the other trips I have made in my life. For the first time I didn’t go studying or on holiday, but to do some serious work. Or so I thought. I live in Ljubljana, a capital of Slovenia, which is a small country… Read more »