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Tara Panrucker

Tara is a published author, poet, and freelance writer, currently residing on Vancouver Island. Writing credits include multiple outdoor adventure articles published at and, as well as BC Market Reports for Thompson Okanagan Homes & Land magazine, and a news article and guest columns on She also writes blogs for a marketing company out of Nanaimo.

Tara is currently enrolled in online Athabasca University English courses and now has a trilogy of children’s eBooks available on Amazon’s KDP Select for Kindle: Ellie Captures a Star, Ellie Walks on the Moon, and Ellie Makes Sunshine. You can check out her web site and blog at

Breaking from writing and studying, Tara enjoys practicing her ukulele, iPhone photography, stand up paddle boarding, and exploring hiking trails, usually with her feisty Boston Terrier leading the way—by a long way!

How to Write an Effective Paragraph

You may be rolling your eyes in exasperation at this topic.  Come on—we learned how to write paragraphs in high school; give me a break! Rest assured you did not learn how to write effective paragraphs in high school; certainly not university level paragraphs.  Indeed, knowing how to write a polished paragraph will drive you… Read more »

How to Make Extra Cash While Getting an Education

The cost of living and getting an education are both pricey prospects in Canada.  Furthermore, Christmas is coming! While many online students balance the 9-5 full-time traditional job with course work, there are plenty of ways to make extra cash on the side for those attracted to a more flexible lifestyle.  See if the following… Read more »

Twelve Effective Note Taking Strategies

Messy or incomplete note taking habits hinder a student’s ability to retain important course details.  Given that writing down notes is a major part of every course you take, equipping yourself with key note taking strategies supports you in getting the most from your education.  Writing information down, organizing it for visual cohesion, and having… Read more »

Preventing Burnout

The diabolical signs of study burnout range from depression and a feeling of dread every time you have a deadline looming to chronic fatigue.  Often these symptoms creep up on you because you’re so busy you don’t take time to notice until you suddenly have a meltdown.  It’s important to take a break and examine… Read more »

Canadian School Statistics that May Surprise You

Enrolling in a college or university in Canada is a valuable chance to further your studies.  While researching schools and cities to study, it’s interesting to see how we stack up.  Here are some thought-provoking facts about Canadian schools. According to the article “10 of the Best Places to Study Abroad in 2018,” by Sabrina… Read more »

Cool Canadian Culture

While many of us are still unsure exactly what it means to be Canadian, we do seem to share common so-called ‘Canadian’ activities, such as visiting Tim Horton’s for our caffeine and Timbits fix.  Beyond that, there are countless more cultural activities that celebrate all things Canadian, and this can only assist you in becoming… Read more »

Savouring Autumn’s Sensual Delights

The cooler month of October has arrived on our Canadian soil and perhaps with it an early winter blizzard.  But snow and studies shouldn’t prevent us from enjoying everything the autumn season has to offer.  From unleashing your wildest Halloween costume ideas to enhancing your yoga session with a pumpkin scented candle, fall is the… Read more »

20 Tips for Online Study Success

So you’ve taken the big step toward your educational goals and signed up for online classes with Athabasca University.  Congratulations! Simply getting started is the first step toward achieving your aspirations.  But times have changed, and online learning is different than being in a classroom with a professor and fellow students. Although there are numerous… Read more »

Surviving School Stress

With the school year well underway, students are feeling the pressures of academic life.  Depending on work and study load, family obligations, and present living circumstances, the road to a degree can seem impossible.  However, arming ourselves with a clear stress management plan protects us from stress meltdowns.  Soon we’ll see we can weather the… Read more »

Surviving School while Grieving

I’ve always aimed to keep things upbeat in my writing, with the added goal of offering helpful information.  I guess I always wished I’d had a mentor myself. So I fulfilled it with writing—in the hopes I could help someone out there with their life struggles. My mom died at the end of August and… Read more »