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Tara Panrucker

Tara is a published author, poet, and freelance writer, currently residing on Vancouver Island. Writing credits include multiple outdoor adventure articles published at and, as well as BC Market Reports for Thompson Okanagan Homes & Land magazine, and a news article and guest columns on She also writes blogs for a marketing company out of Nanaimo.

Tara is currently enrolled in online Athabasca University English courses and now has a trilogy of children’s eBooks available on Amazon’s KDP Select for Kindle: Ellie Captures a Star, Ellie Walks on the Moon, and Ellie Makes Sunshine. You can check out her web site and blog at

Breaking from writing and studying, Tara enjoys practicing her ukulele, iPhone photography, stand up paddle boarding, and exploring hiking trails, usually with her feisty Boston Terrier leading the way—by a long way!

How to Build a Routine that Works for You

Now that the busy fall season is approaching full steam ahead, most of us are also heading back into a busy routine after summer breaks or vacations.  Homework, sporting events, social clubs, and new part-time jobs often accompany us into September.  A successful, smooth-running day, week, and month is built upon an organized schedule that… Read more »

25 Money Saving Tips for Students

There’s no getting around the fact that paying for university is more expensive than ever.  If you aren’t aware of where your finances are at, it can cost you thousands of wasted bucks over the course of a year that could be funding your future instead. From pennies to thousands of dollars, these money saving… Read more »

20 Effective Study Hacks

Our parents have always encouraged us to study hard for tests in school.  We know we need to study to be prepared; others tell us good luck on our studies.  But, have you ever examined your study process? Do you habitually schedule study time every week or do you just read all your course material… Read more »

20 Fun Ways Students Can Recycle

Watch any news channel and chances are you will hear about another disturbing overflow of plastic and other garbage polluting our environment.  While it may seem daunting to overcome the damage that has been done, there is strength in everyone pitching in, in their own way, to reduce garbage and begin to reverse the effects… Read more »

How to SUP with your Pup

As summer comes too quickly to an end, I thought I’d fit in a recreational article on getting outside with your furry family member before the snow flies—before it’s too late! Stand-Up Paddleboarding is not merely for people, it’s also an excellent outdoor sport shared with your furry four-legged family member.  With proper preparation, gear,… Read more »

The Art of Innovation

It is an unfortunate truth that in the pursuit of making money to cover the high costs of living, much of human innovation is being left on the back burner.  As technology takes over every second of our free time, inventing, drawing, writing, and many other creative pursuits are fading.  Just Google “creativity is dead”… Read more »

20 Helpful University Life Hacks

Life is busy enough without adding disorganized chaos to the daily struggle.  Tap into these useful tips to stay on top of university life and make your week a bit breezier in the process. A stack of notebooks and papers that all look the same makes searching for specific subjects take much longer. Colour code… Read more »

20 Ways Students can Conserve Electricity

Energy conservation is a hot topic these days.  With a surging global population, rapid inflation, and the consequences of pollution and global warming, now is the time to change how Canadians use electricity in the home.  While we need electricity for day to day living, creating habits to save on electricity is our responsibility for… Read more »

Powerful Visualization Techniques

Successful business professionals and athletes do it before they perform.  Musicians do it before heading onstage.  Students do it before taking exams.  Just as you map out a road trip prior to leaving, you may envisage in your mind how you wish an event to unfold, forming a mental picture of your desired outcome.  Results… Read more »


veins pulse and press, pulse and press straining through translucent skin forcing fevered blood through thick throbbing limbs aching and bloated listless weighted by inertia into the yellowed futon by a suppressive summer heat sticky moist and painful air ceases to exist through a haze of torpor, a dream (hallucination?) of an immense translucent crisp… Read more »