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Worth A Second Look – Knowing A Horse

Man’s relationship with the horse is complex, spanning many centuries. Domesticated for about 5,000 years, horses have enabled human transportation, agriculture, and sport. A member of the family equidae, in the order Perissodactyla, the domestic horse or equus caballus belongs to the same family as zebras and asses. Horses evolved from a four-toed, small-browsing animal… Read more »

The Romanow Report: Saskatchewan values.

by Rosalee Longmoore and Teresa Neuman Originally published in Briarpatch Magazine, February 2003. Reprinted with permission. Roy Romanow, head of the Commission on the Future of Medicare, tabled his long awaited report, Building on Values, The Future of Health Care in Canada, on November 28, 2002. The report offers 47 recommendations that could reform the… Read more »

Worth a Second Look – Turn off that television!

Television is a chewing gum for the eyes. -Frank Lloyd Wright April 22-28, 2002 marked the eighth annual TV-Turnoff Week. During this week, people are encouraged to turn off the television and do other activities. Recent studies point out that Canadians are more sedentary than ever. Health experts blame television, computers, parcel pickups and drive… Read more »

Bison: the other red meat? Worth a Second Look

According to the Canadian Bison Association, “bison is back.” This majestic animal, once nearly extinct, is again popular with consumers because of its flavourful and healthy meat. In 2001, Reader’s Digest named bison as the fourth most nutritious food product for women, and chefs like Bobby Flay feature bison on menus in their restaurants. Described… Read more »

Worth a Second Look – Cooking Up A Storm

I just realized that I have quite a large collection of cookbooks, which dominates the pantry shelves. It’s like owning my own private library or having a staff of chefs at my beck and call. Cookbooks are special. The recipes are a puzzle waiting to be solved and the photos promise that the dish can… Read more »

Worth a Second Look – Food Safety Part III

I love to cook. But, there are occasions when my husband and I appreciate the chance to relax and enjoy a meal prepared by someone else, and spend a bit of time together. A recent meal out which left us with food poisoning, made me wonder what standards restaurant owners must follow to keep the… Read more »

Worth a Second Look – Food Safety Part II

Safety in production is vital to keeping our food chain free from contamination. It is just as important to store and prepare food properly at home. At their website,, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) recommends the following steps to prevent food contamination at home: Check food before purchasing it. If the package leaks,… Read more »

Worth a Second Look – Food Safety Part I

My husband and I were stricken recently with a food borne illness, or what is more commonly referred to as a bout of food poisoning. A quiet romantic dinner left us sick for several days. We blamed the plate of beef satay, but it could have been anything in the restaurant’s kitchen or even something… Read more »

Worth a Second Look –

Good News! The Prime Minister has finally announced his intention to ratify the Kyoto Protocol by the end of this year. As a union activist, I was glad to see Canada live up to a promise made five years ago, when our nation made a commitment to join others in the fight to stop the… Read more »