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AU Receives Top Funding

Once again AU is demonstrating its leadership in online learning. A project known as eduSource Canada has received $4.25 million in federal funding, with matching dollars supplied by the participating partners. This money will be distributed to a consortium of learning institutions and private sector partners that are advancing the development of e-learning technologies. Not… Read more »

Awards of Excellence

Dominique Abrioux announced that this year’s winners of the President’s Award for Tutoring/Mentoring Excellence are Dr. Izak Paul and Carol MacKinnon. Izak has been a Biology tutor for AU since 1986 and Carol has worked as an academic coach in the MBA program since 1995. Both are regularly, and vigorously, acclaimed by their students and… Read more »

Library 101

Librarian Elaine Magusin continues the series “Things You Should Know About the Library.” Q: I’ve just been contacted by a student who is wondering how to cite web sources in APA format but doesn’t have time to wait for a copy of the publication manual to be sent out. Is there somewhere online that will… Read more »

AU for the Birds?

(Photo provided by The Insider: Science Technician Elaine Goth-Birkigt shows off the AU bird collection) Robert Holmberg, Associate Professor, Biology, shares what’s new with birds at AU: This summer with the help of summer lab assistant Alex Robert we were able to do considerable work on the AU Bird Collection. This collection is used primarily… Read more »

Watching the Skies

[Photo provided by The Insider: Dr. Tsuruda shows off the antenna he uses for studying the aurora’s radio emissions.] Dr. Koichiro Tsuruda from Japan was a recent visitor to AU Central to study auroras in Athabasca and Fort McMurray. AU’s Professor Martin Connors assisted for four days of the two weeks that Dr. Tsuruda observed…. Read more »

The First Festival of Learning at AU Central

The first Festival of Learning took place at AU Central on Sept. 14 in recognition of International Adult Learners’ Week. UNESCO has previously sponsored the event, but this is the first time the week was celebrated in Canada. More than 100 people attended the Athabasca event that featured presentations and displays highlighting the benefits of… Read more »

Library 101

Q: I searched the library catalogue and found a book that I want to take out but it’s currently out to someone else. Is there a way to put a hold on it? A: Yes. If you click on the “Request This Item” button in the catalogue record you will be asked for your name… Read more »

Wharton in the News (Again)

Thomas Wharton, author of the award-winning books Icefields and Salamander, who has been on a list of ‘Must Read’ authors, who recently won a Writers Guild of Alberta prize, and who manages to round out his waking moments by also working as an AU tutor, has added another item to his list of things to… Read more »

Library 101

Q: I’m trying to use one of the journal databases, but I’m not sure what the best way to search it is. How do I find out? A: Most databases have online help files that provide tips on how to perform searches. In addition, we have created help sheets for the various database platforms AU… Read more »

AU President Continues Term

AUGC Chair Robert Fulton announced Sept. 5 that President Dominique Abrioux will continue his term of office until June 30, 2005: “When agreeing to a second term in 1999, Dr. Abrioux had opted to commit to three more years as President, rather than the normal five years that had been the AUGC’s preference. Today’s announcement,… Read more »