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Help Save Canada Money; Don’t Vote in the Next Election

It’s easy, it’s patriotic, and it’s your constitutional right, but what if you had to make a donation to your favourite party to secure the use of the ballot box? And what if you had to keep paying that party each year, until the next election, even if you weren’t happy with their performance? Federal… Read more »

Help Save Canada Money; Don’t Vote in the Next Election

When I heard that the Prime Minister wanted to eliminate large corporate donations to political parties, something happened. I felt something I can’t say I had ever felt before: pride, pride in our Prime Minister, pride that he was willing to take a stand against the large corporations which sometimes use money to help manipulate… Read more »

Canadian Achievement And The PM’s Misplaced Priorities

Corks popped and the Champagne flowed amongst the Prime Minister’s staff to celebrate a great Canadian achievement one day after The Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre completed the sequencing of the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) virus that is plaguing China as well as Canada. The Prime Minister even called, immediately, to congratulate the person… Read more »

Re: Teachers’ strike articles of January 23rd

Re Teachers’ strike articles of January 23rd Teachers’ wanting better working conditions and smaller classes is a legitimate position. That is until they say that a pay raise will solve the problem. This an old, overused and transparent union tactic of tugging on the public hart strings with stated objectives that are not in line… Read more »