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Wanda Waterman is a poet, spoken word artist, blogger, cultural journalist, and digital nomad. She’s been writing regularly for The Voice Magazine since 2004, not long after she began studying psychology at Athabasca. Her poetry has been published in Descant, The Talking Leaves, Chizine, Our Times, The Best of Tigertail, and Pottersfield Portfolio and her articles in Design is Political, Rawckus Magazine, Coastal Life, The New Internationalist, This Magazine, and in her blog, The Mindful Bard. She grew up in Nova Scotia, but after having lived in New Hampshire and North Africa she’s now settled in Montreal.

In Conversation—with Bourgeois Mystics

Bourgeois Mystics are a crew of eccentric art rockers generating a host of sounds that will delight and amaze you ‘til the cows come home.  An abundance of weirdness belies their strong work ethic, discipline, and focus.  The video for their cover of the Bollywood cult classic “Jaan Pehechan Ho” is a case in point. … Read more »

In Conversation—with The Split Seconds

The Split Seconds is a punk/rockabilly band that formed in Washington, DC, in 2015.  The band is made up of frontman Drew Champion, drummer Sean Peterson, bassist Stephen Parsons, and guitarist Alex Massi.  The grittily retro video for “Where Have All the Good Men Gone,” a track from their recently (June 8) released second album… Read more »

In Conversation—with Melina Krumova of Drooble

I would have discovered Drooble sooner or later, via social media or word-of-mouth from musician friends.  I had to; Drooble was exactly the kind of thing we all needed—a free means of collaborating musically with anyone, anywhere, at any time. After writing a song and doing a bare-bones recording of it I can post it… Read more »

Survival in the Garret

Getting from home to class, from class to band practice, and from band practice to your dishwashing job are all necessary to your survival and, to some extent, to your overall happiness.  But being short on funds as well as ecologically conscious necessitates a whole new attitude toward travel—to a mindset that values environment and… Read more »

In Conversation—with Ruby Velle

Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics is  an Atlanta-based soul ensemble headed by a Canadian female vocalist.  The band has already made a significant contribution to the soul revival by bringing the full flavour of true soul music, bestowing a new sheen with original tunes and unique delivery.  Their single, “My Dear,” sold over a quarter… Read more »

In Conversation—with Jane in Space

Brooklyn-based Jane in Space is an industrial/electronic band fronted by multi-instrumentalist Jesse Jensen and singer/lyricist Tom Vickers.  Their self-titled debut album was named one of the top nine rock albums of 2016 by the blog Vibes After Music.  Their second album, the EP Gorerunner, planned for release on July 13, may be described as “pre-post-rock,”… Read more »