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How The Law Has Changed…

Here I sit once again on a Sunday night in the University of Saskatchewan College of Law library. This week I am frantically working on an “open memo”, which is an exercise wherein I am provided with a fictitious fact pattern and must write a balanced legal opinion on its likely outcome if it were… Read more »

Remembrance Day 2003

Last year my Remembrance Day article was a book review on The Price of Glory: Verdun 1916 by Author Alistair Horne ( This year I had planned on reading another of Horne’s works to review for the Voice readers, but I have not had time for extracurricular reading since beginning the law school term. Consequently,… Read more »


I don’t generally think about my teeth unless some event of memorable magnitude draws mind’s attention to mouth. Luckily, I have been blessed with healthy teeth. My father made sure that I had regular fluoride supplements as a child while my teeth were forming and he also instilled my life-long habit of visiting the dentist… Read more »

Age, Maturity, Experience: A Correlation?

Imagine yourself placed in a class full of high-school pupils; you are to be as one of them. Would you feel out of place? What if you were pushing forty and you were to become a student in a class full of twenty year-olds? Do you think you could fit in? Would you try to?… Read more »

Lectures & Events

On September 17, 2003 the Voice published an article written by me entitled “Conventional Vis-Ã?-Vis Distance University Education (” In it, I explored some of the differences between on-campus, class-based university education and distance university education from my personal student-perspective. I’d like to augment that article with some further insight procured after nearly two months… Read more »

First-Year Law Banquet

On October 4th I went shopping for some clothes in which I would more readily fit in with a law school crowd. After decades of wearing work boots and coveralls there is no way that I could jump right into a three-piece suit and feel even moderately comfortable. So, my wife led me to Work… Read more »

Thanksgiving Day 2003

A few days ago I was sitting at my kitchen table working out my study schedule for the next few weeks. In planning for Monday October 13th I commented off-handedly about my classes. My wife looked at me oddly and said that I didn’t have any classes that day because of Thanksgiving. I told her… Read more »

Do you own your body parts?

Suppose your physician diagnosed you with a disease, let’s say leukemia, and recommended, among other treatments, that your enlarged spleen should be removed to prolong your life. He asks you to sign a consent form, which you do, and he performs the operation, removing your body part. For seven more years, at your physician’s direction… Read more »

Conventional Vis-à-Vis Distance University Education

Until two weeks ago, all of my university-level education was garnered through Athabasca University’s (AU) distance education. I am very accustomed to self-discipline with regard to studying and individualized learning. I often wondered, while taking a break from the books in my basement office, what it would be like to actually attend classes at a… Read more »

BC vis-à-vis Saskatchewan

It’s Sunday night again; deadline for me to submit my article to The Voice for this Wednesday’s publication. I prefer not to leave things to the last minute, but often I work best under pressure. That feature of my personality will come in handy, as I will no doubt be relying upon it heavily over… Read more »