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Xine Wang

Xine Wang hails from Edmonton, Alberta. But before settling in, she lived in Shanghai for the first 7 years of her life. That’s where she grew up and got her taste of the vibrant food culture. Since moving to Edmonton, she has fallen in love with international cuisine. If there’s a new restaurant in town, she would be the first to line up outside the door. At home, you can find her experimenting with recipes around the world. She hopes to share these experiences with all who care to listen.

In her spare time, Xin cares for 6 rescue budgies. Many of which she found stranded in parks or her backyard. On weekends, she drives out to Banff or Jasper where she can be found hiking new trails. She’s thankful Athabasca University has allowed her to work full-time as a researcher while taking courses that interest her such as abnormal psychology.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

I recently started experimenting with dessert recipes in my spare time.  I now have a new recipe that is tried and true.  It is especially great for people who don’t have a big sweet-tooth (like me).  I’m a fan of low sugar sweets that don’t cause a massive sugar rush and also keep my diet… Read more »

Four Easy Party Foods to Serve this Summer

Now that COVID-19 restrictions have lifted (mostly) and most provinces are able to enjoy a summer fairly similar to pre-covid times, there’s a lot of gatherings and summer festivities that make this year’s summer special.  I’ve been lucky enough to have a few bake-offs and barbecues at my residence the last few months.  With the… Read more »

Five Ways to Save Money When Eating Out

What’s not to love about eating out.  There’s a change of scenery from your usual kitchen, you’re not washing the dishes and you’re not only eating one thing but trying many different dishes. I also find that food somehow always tastes better when I’m not the one doing the cooking. When I’m in a time… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Be Eating Instant Noodles Every Day

The iconic idea about meals for students is that they have never been without ramen.  We think about the starting student slurping some microwavable bowl of ramen noodles.  Don’t get me wrong, I am probably the most inappropriate person to write about not eating ramen noodles because I love them.  Even when I’m no longer… Read more »

My Meal Kit (Hello Fresh) Experience

Recently I had a busy streak at work and wasn’t able to commit to purchasing groceries, so I decided to try something new – Hello Fresh.  Hello Fresh is one of many meal-kit companies that offer to help inspire you to try new meals, reduce the work in meal preparation and also add some enjoyment… Read more »

Four Tips on Decorating your Home on a Budget

Lately I’ve been trying to style my space to look more modern and aesthetically pleasing.  Fairly quickly into the home decor game, I’ve noticed that amidst a supply chain shortage (the couch I ordered took 5 months to arrive), and inflationary pressures the bill for home decor can add up quite quickly.  Despite being on… Read more »

Advice For An At-Home Garden

My new favorite obsession has been growing my indoor plants collection.  So far, there’s been some excellent growth in a few plants that are finickier to grow.  I’ve been experimenting with indoor herbs as well.  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, indoor plants add an excellent touch to your home.  It is calming… Read more »

Three Easy Herbs for Indoor Gardening

Recently I’ve been obsessed with growing indoor herbs.  Now that the great growing weather is upon us, gardening centers at major retail hardware and gardening stores, and even most grocery stores have opened up. There are so many options for indoor plants, why focus on an herb garden?  First, from my personal experience, many of… Read more »

Managing Insomnia 101

Ever feel tired but you just can’t sleep?  Insomnia hits everyone differently.  For some, despite being at your most mentally fatigued state, sleep can be a challenge.  I’ve experienced this for the last five years.  Recently it seems to have worsened—perhaps due to day-to-day stress or the commitment of adulting becoming overwhelming.  In my teens,… Read more »