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Xine Xu

Xine Xu hails from Edmonton, Alberta. But before settling in, she lived in Shanghai for the first 7 years of her life. That’s where she grew up and got her taste of the vibrant food culture. Since moving to Edmonton, she has fallen in love with international cuisine. If there’s a new restaurant in town, she would be the first to line up outside the door. At home, you can find her experimenting with recipes around the world. She hopes to share these experiences with all who care to listen.

In her spare time, Xin cares for 6 rescue budgies. Many of which she found stranded in parks or her backyard. On weekends, she drives out to Banff or Jasper where she can be found hiking new trails. She’s thankful Athabasca University has allowed her to work full-time as a researcher while taking courses that interest her such as abnormal psychology.

Calgary Stampede 2021 Experience

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Calgary Stampede, a summer festival that has been the heart and soul of Calgary, Alberta, for decades, with history that dates back to the 1920s.  While many summer festivals offer similar experiences with rides, games, and an assortment of fried and sweet goodies, the Calgary Stampede boasts… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student—Bullet Train Sushi

While some of the most exciting dining experiences I’ve had have been outside of North America, there are a few experiences I’ve had in Canada that are worth mentioning.  One of these is a bullet train sushi experience.  Even though these are fairly common in Japan and parts of Asia, it was a rare find… Read more »

Four Tips for 2021 Graduates

So, you might have just recently finished your courses and are waiting for that prestigious piece of paper that shows you’ve worked hard to get where you are academically.  However, graduating during the pandemic is also scary.  As the 2020 graduates can relate to, the pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives from personal… Read more »

Three Reasons to Make Journaling Part of Your Routine

COVID-19 has thrown a lot of obstacles in our course.  Whether it was your intended graduation date or the job you were eying for the next internship but was cancelled.  So how can we make sense of these different obstacles without it feeling like life has thrown a number of wrenches in our plans.  As… Read more »

How to Be a Pet Foster Parent

With a new wave of lockdowns in place for many provinces, many households may be looking for some activities or time to dedicate to a pet.  I know a year ago, I was in the same place.  I suddenly felt a surge of free time and energy to take care of a rescue animal.  Of… Read more »

How to Start a Workout Routine At Home

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there.  Whether it’s the incessant snacking from the last year or the numerous Skip The Dishes takeout we’ve resorted to, COVID-19 has placed a mental and physical toll on our bodies.  For myself, I know the pandemic has been unforgiving on my workout routines.  With the number of public… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student—Easy Tom Yum Soup Vermicelli

Ever craved some oriental flavored soup without feeling like taking hours to make a good soup broth? I know I have, and I’ve always looked for shortcuts in the kitchen without compromising taste. Tom Yum vermicelli is one of my favorite recipes because it’s a simple, hearty meal with all your nutritious ingredients in one… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student—Easy Beef Souvlaki & Tzatziki Recipe

Having been a fan of Mediterranean cuisine since I was a child, I’ve always experimented with different Mediterranean flavours and dishes.  I particularly love the warm skewered meats, the lightly oiled and charred vegetables and the refreshing, creamy taste of tzatziki dip that adds a burst of richness to the dish.  To celebrate the warmth… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student—Easy Friday Night Calamari Marinara

Ever feel like having something fancier than just take out for Friday night?  When I feel like having something more exotic without putting a significant amount of time in the kitchen, I turn to my pasta dishes.  Besides the traditional meatball marinara, ever considered a seafood marinara? If you’re not a big fan of squid,… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student—Easy Butter Chicken Recipe

Butter chicken is one of my all-time favorite recipes that boasts bold, rich flavors. Butter Chicken with a bowl of basmati rice or drizzled over naan makes for a hearty meal, enough to transport you to a different world. Butter chicken originated in India and was introduced with ingredients from both British and Indian cuisine…. Read more »