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Xine Xu

Xine Xu hails from Edmonton, Alberta. But before settling in, she lived in Shanghai for the first 7 years of her life. That’s where she grew up and got her taste of the vibrant food culture. Since moving to Edmonton, she has fallen in love with international cuisine. If there’s a new restaurant in town, she would be the first to line up outside the door. At home, you can find her experimenting with recipes around the world. She hopes to share these experiences with all who care to listen.

In her spare time, Xin cares for 6 rescue budgies. Many of which she found stranded in parks or her backyard. On weekends, she drives out to Banff or Jasper where she can be found hiking new trails. She’s thankful Athabasca University has allowed her to work full-time as a researcher while taking courses that interest her such as abnormal psychology.

A Closer Look at Vegetarianism, Gluten-free, and Vegan Diets

Without covering the entire spectrum of diets ranging from the paleo diet (aka the caveman diet), to the Atkins diet (focusing on carbohydrate intake), there’s three predominant nutritional ideologies we should all be aware of, regardless of whether we abide by them. Let’s start with vegetarianism. Simple enough, vegetarians are just human herbivores, right? Not… Read more »

Healthy Grubbing for the Busy, Budget-sensitive Student

Athabasca students lead busy, eventful lives and deserve the right nutrition to fuel their day to day activities. While the occasional ramen meal might be acceptable, here are the latest tips and hacks to healthy eating on a time crunch and budget. 1. Does preparation time seem like a burden? Try preparing the lunch or… Read more »