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War Kills More Than A Body

INTRODUCTION Humankind has witnessed all kinds of disasters ranging from floods to plague epidemics, but none have been more ruthless than war and no one has inflicted it upon us but ourselves. With so many things threatening our existence on this planet earth, why do we bother adding one more? Some blame wars on the… Read more »

Preventive Medicine

In the past, providers of health care were primarily concerned with diagnosing and treating existing diseases in patients. The quantity and quality of health professionals services were the primary determinants of patient’s health. Nowadays, this view has been reviewed and replaced by more comprehensive vision of health that places a focus on prevention. Evidence of… Read more »

Canadian Health

To live a healthy life one must understand the concepts of health and disease. Only after that will we be able to determine how to improve the quality of life and sense of wellness and enjoy empowerment. According to a Canadian Health promotion survey by the Government of Canada (1985), only “61% of Canadians report… Read more »

Science and Technology Corner – Environmental Health

Environmental health is an issue of considerable concern to everyone these days. The nightly news is filled with stories of environmental disasters and warnings from scientists about the risks of pollution to our air, land and water. In political elections, the environment has become a significant topic on which each candidate is expected to comment…. Read more »


What is Ergonomy Ergonomics is the application of scientific information concerning human physiology to the design of objects, systems and environments for human use. Ergonomics applies to everything that involves people. Work systems, sports and leisure, health and safety should all embody ergonomic principles if they are well designed. Well applied ergonomic principles ensure that… Read more »