The Bank of You

Will 2018 be the year you make a difference in someone’s life?  Could you help someone lift themselves out of poverty, launch a small business, or complete their education? Making a big impact is easier than you think. In 2017 I invested in a Peruvian corn farm.  On the same day, I invested in a… Read more »

Mary’s Story

On July 22, 2017, my sister passed away.  She was only thirteen months older than me.   I wrote about Marion (Mary) in a previous issue of The Voice Magazine. Mary and I spent part of our childhood together.   She was my closest sibling, and I always felt we were a part of each other.  I… Read more »

Not a New Year’s Resolution

I have written several articles on how to keep organized; this is because I had never found a method that worked for me long term.  As the New Year is upon us I have taken some time to reflect on my current process and if this is going to work moving forward, because this year,… Read more »

Editorial—A Promethean Editorial

It might be overselling it a bit, but I’m going to be stealing a little bit of the fire from my betters this week, hence the article title. The fire I’m going to steal is from the upcoming Council Connection.  You may have heard from some shady sources that AUSU Council was planning on raising… Read more »

Interview Ready

When I’m preparing for countless interviews, I know to be interview ready because one interview varies greatly from the other.  Heading to a meeting with someone you’ve never met before is both intimidating and stressful.  Despite your fears however, an upcoming job interview need not send you into a sweaty panic.  Planning and organization are… Read more »

Editorial—Convocation Consternation

Did you know that AU is changing how they do convocation?  I didn’t, not until the letter I received earlier this week showed up in my inbox. (See this week’s letter to the editor, or just look up a page if you’re reading the PDF.) For those unaware, convocation at AU has, over the last… Read more »

New Year, New Start

2018 is just around the corner, and when this article is out it will already be here.  I am not one to make New Year’s resolutions but I do like the idea of a fresh start.  The bookkeeping year is over (almost) and the final exam for that is looming in April.  While, it is… Read more »

Unwrapping a Fresh New Year

A fresh new year is intoxicating.   In the last days of the old year, the new year sits there, like an unwrapped present.   You don’t know what the package holds, but you know it’s full of promise. Last year started full of promise, too, but we’re ready to discard it.   We eagerly await the new… Read more »