A Revolutionary AI Time Management App

Students want to maximize their time.  Likewise, I, too, am on a quest to manage time smartly.  I’m currently managing it without a plan, and it shows.  I go out for a treat every night and then spend an hour cleaning to bring a loved one joy.  I work full-time in my career, often spending… Read more »

Generosity Goes On Forever

When we give to others, it goes on forever.  That’s because one act of generosity is a gift of love that impacts all eternity.  In light of this, one of the most significant acts of kindness we can provide is role-modeling generosity, as generosity is a virtue we can all easily aspire to fulfill if… Read more »

Why do Indigenous Canadians Feel So Strongly Towards Pipelines?

Pipelines and protests are two things that are synonymous with one another in Canada.  When it comes to protesting pipelines, Indigenous Canadians are prepared to spend serious jail time to have their voices heard.  Few Canadians are likely to be aware of everything their historical grievances involve, apart from maybe general suggestions of uprooted communities… Read more »

The Rest of the Rests

Recently I’ve been learning more about our own bodies and minds and how rest doesn’t always mean sleeping or physical rest.  Rest goes beyond the traditional sense, but with the ongoing bombardment of social media, educational commitments, work commitments, and more, it’s no wonder that we’re not just tired in the traditional sense, we’re tired… Read more »

Cities in Six—Bergen, Norway

Bergen is on Norway’s southwestern coast, sheltered by islands and mountains.  It is Norway’s second-largest city, after the capital of Oslo.  Bergen’s stunning scenic setting is only eclipsed by its captivating history.  We were cautioned that it often rains in Bergen, but we enjoyed sunny weather during our visit in August 2012. The Rosenkrantz Tower. … Read more »

Editorial—Too Little May be Too Late

In Ontario, Doug Ford’s government is rumored to be providing 1.2 billion to fund Ontario’s universities after an expert panel looking at the post-secondary system made recommendations totalling about 2.5 billion dollars to deal with a post-secondary system that is “currently at serious risk” due to a lack of funding.  This risk has occurred, in… Read more »

DEAD: A Diagnosis Worth Ditching

Have you recently been diagnosed with DEAD?  Does this diagnosis leave you feeling marginalized or perhaps even overrun by the world around you? Do not despair.  The prognosis is more hopeful than the acronym suggests.  You can likely live a long and mostly satisfying life.  You can stand proudly by your bookcases, breathe deeply, and… Read more »