Editorial—They: Always be Learning

I got a small lesson today about the use of pronouns.  I have no issue with people using pronouns that may match their gender, regardless of their sex, but “they” and “their” are plural pronouns and without explanation it can make the writing difficult to understand.  So when editing, and the pronoun being used is… Read more »

Editorial—Buckling Up Again

Once again, post-secondary in Alberta is being told to tighten its belt.  Have you ever noticed that there never is an article about how post-secondary is being allowed to let its belt out?  At any rate, the most recent Alberta budget has been released, and, as expected, it’s post-secondary education that will be taking the… Read more »

Joining Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Family

“A Chicken Soup for the Soul story is an inspirational, true story about ordinary people having extraordinary experiences.” – The first thing I did when I received my copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul‘s “Making Me Time” anthology was to turn to the Table of Contents to find my name.  Out of the… Read more »

Teaching My Daughter to Make a Scene

Recently I dealt with an incident at my six-year-old daughter’s school.  She was in the hallway with a boy from her class, away from the careful supervision of her teachers, when the boy became physically violent with her.  My daughter was too nervous to tell her teacher.  She thought her teacher was going to be… Read more »

30 Pieces of Wisdom from a 50-year-old

  Turning 50 feels like turning 18, only better. The wisdom gained at age 50 can lead to the most blissful moments imaginable. And the wisdom each of us gains by age 50 will be unique from the next person’s. That’s because wisdom is infinite. But I believe all wisdom can be simplified to one… Read more »

Editorial—An Old Tradition, New Again

This hasn’t happened since before I became editor. In fact, it hasn’t happened since before the editor before me became editor. But I’m happy to announce that, once again, the Voice Magazine is hosting a writing contest.  If you haven’t seen the article about it already, go look now, as that has all the details,… Read more »

Do What We Love

We should go headlong into what we love to do, ignoring all naysayers because, once we get paid for our passions, our lives will be filled with enthusiasm. Before choosing an education path, we should take personality tests to discover our best career fits.  Doing these tests can take us directly into our passions, rather… Read more »