The Aging Process—A Lifestyle Approach to Looking Young

Every year, people around the world spend over $500 billion on beauty products.  We find ourselves living during a time where appearance seems to be everything.  The advertisers and marketers want to convince you that their expensive products will make you look younger, but I say save your money.  The key to looking younger longer… Read more »

Editorial—Generational Divide

This week, our feature article is one of the best articles, the kind that features one of you.  That’s right, Minds We Meet is slowly but surely coming back.  It’s always been a priority article for me to have here in The Voice Magazine when I can, because it’s really what The Voice is all… Read more »

The Last Days of Summer—Southern Ontario Day Trips

For those of us who live in northern cities, the chase of the elusive summer sun can border on obsession, particularly when we first feel the initial dreaded cool breezes of early September.  Two months of warm weather is never quite enough. The irresistible urge to enjoy the remaining warmth of the summer sun remains… Read more »


9/11.  It’s a number, a date, of great significance to those of us in North America, though even now it begins to fade into memory.  It seems impossible that the terrorist attacks that woke the United States to their vulnerability to international terrorism were 19 years ago already.  Today, there are adults alive who never… Read more »

Digital Accessibility for Canada’s Incarcerated Students

The accessibility of online education is often a lifeline for many students, including those with chronic illnesses and disabilities, as well as familial and work commitments.  However, for others, such as incarcerated students, online education can prove to be a barrier instead. For example, AU’s recent transition to e-texts has had a mixed reception from… Read more »

Council Connection—August 19, 2020 Meeting

Eight of the nine councillors were present for the August 19, 2020 Council Meeting.  Councillor Regan Johnson had provided her regrets earlier and was excused as the meeting started. After the regular introductions and passing the agenda and minutes, the meeting started with a review of the newest budget.  AUSU is looking at an increase… Read more »

Reimagining the Library

Reimagine: “to think about again especially in order to change or improve.” In many communities, the library embodies a unifying space transcending socio-economic boundaries.  The public library doesn’t just exist as a book depository, it offers programming for all ages, printing services, room rentals, and access to free computers and Wi-Fi.  For students, the university… Read more »

Four Tips to Being Productive When You Don’t Feel Like It

One of the most challenging parts of working from home—or studying from home—is the challenge of staying motivated.  Ever since the start of the quarantine, much of the separation between work, school and personal life has blurred. My workstation is also the same location as my entertainment centre where I binge watch Netflix or complete… Read more »