Anti-aging Skin Hacks and What We’re Doing Wrong

The skin care industry is alive with many different products, treatments, and expenses.  It’s hard to navigate and understand what is relevant and what is not.  How do we find the right skin care regimen day in and day out.  Furthermore, what difference should I be noticing?  What are some things that are recommended and… Read more »

Editorial—Students? What are Those?

You’ve probably already heard that AU has a new President, with the board unceremoniously announcing the dumping of Dr. Peter Scott late Wednesday afternoon.  The new President is Dr. Alex Clark, who, previous to this, was AU’s Dean of Health Sciences. No new hiring process was conducted, and the change in leadership apparently came as… Read more »

[blue rare]—Where Dragons Live

Perhaps it is the state of the world these days, or merely my inner state of mind, or some combination of the two, but lately I have been feeling adrift.  More accurately, the need to be adrift.  To cut myself free from the present place and time in the hopes of finding diversion, escape, maybe… Read more »

Defunding the Police? Part III

Last time in The Voice Magazine, I wrote about how I submitted a criminal complaint to the Ottawa Police Services Board (the Board) focusing on organized crime and an illegal online gambling ring, and how I subsequently identified shortcomings with how the Board had ‘handled’ my initial criminal complaint. By the end of this article,… Read more »

My 2023 Courses and Software Recommendations

If there is one thing I love more than learning about people’s character strengths, it’s learning about their hobbies.  And what better way to learn about someone’s hobbies and personality than seeing what courses and software they use. With that said, here are some suggestions for courses and software that can improve life.  At least,… Read more »

Dear Barb—Time: Less Friends

Dear Barb: I am a middle-aged woman who is married with three adult children.  I work long hours in a busy, fast-paced environment, so I do not have a lot of extra time.  Any free time that I do have I like to spend it with my family and friends.  However, I have a work… Read more »

Why You Are Terrific

You are a gift to this world.  Just your presence on this planet is cause for the heavens to celebrate.  Deep down, every flower, bird, and being sings for your success in this world.  You are nothing short of spectacular.  And here are some reasons why you are terrific: Everyone has flaws, but your strengths… Read more »

Lessons Learned from Studying Olympians and Navy Seals

The Olympians and Navy Seals have much to teach about winning, perseverance, and overcoming.  That’s because they undergo extreme duress, whether in world-class competition or on a battlefield.  I study these high achievers because life poses battlefields and challenges.  I believe the end goal is to arrive at a place of love.  However, you may… Read more »

Editorial—The Unbearable Lateness of Being … Ill.

I had hoped last week, as the symptoms I’d been feeling didn’t seem to be worsening (and in fact, certain muscle aches had eased off), that I’d be getting better within a day or so and be able to continue on as normal.  Instead, this thing morphed into a longer term flu or very nasty… Read more »