Editorial—Repudiating Resolutions

I always find it interesting when the writers for The Voice Magazine independently come up with a theme for the issue.  Of course, I don’t think anybody would be terribly surprised that the first issue we get this year has a strong theme about New Years’ Resolutions, coming as it does at the start of… Read more »

What Self-Care Habits Should You Adopt in 2021

It’s hard for many to believe that it has been nearly an entire year since the start of the global pandemic.  On the top of many people’s minds when the clock struck midnight on New Years’ Eve is whether this year will be as bleak as the last.  The combination of social distancing measures and… Read more »

Why We Should Exercise in the Woods

Have you heard of the Japanese therapy called forest bathing? Forest bathing (spending time in the forest) can ease stress, make us happier, boost our immune systems, spike our creativity, and, oh, so much more.  But there’s something even better than forest bathing, far more rejuvenating.  The ultimate bliss, at least in my opinion, comes… Read more »

Empty Skies

Travel comes with risks at the best of times.  Travelling during a pandemic adds an unsettling new dimension. It was with some trepidation that we booked flights to Canada’s west coast.  We researched the airlines to learn what measures they were taking to keep passengers safe.  In addition to disinfecting protocols, mandatory mask wearing, and… Read more »

Visibility and Representation

Misrepresentative and often dehumanizing single narratives are often seen in literature, film, art, and media.  These stories are frequently one-dimensional and often-inaccurate portrayals of communities, often resulting in mistreatment and violence from society and internalized oppression and diminished self-worth for those affected.  In her immensely popular 2009 TED talk, The Danger of a Single Story, Nigerian author… Read more »

Editorial—Bringing you the Best Of!

Out with the old and in with the new, right?  Not quite!  There’s still a little bit of the old that deserves some recognition, and that’s what the Best of the Voice 2020 is all about. For those that haven’t been here before, each year we like to take a selection of the best articles… Read more »

No Body Left Behind

Throughout this pandemic, I have found myself becoming increasingly preoccupied with societal attitudes and inadequate medical standards. Among chronically ill, disabled, elderly,  “essential” but expendable, migrant, and poor communities there is a sense of being sacrificed for economic reasons.  I am angry at the dismissiveness of precautions, at the refusal to wear masks, and at… Read more »