Editorial—Sovereignty for Who Exactly?

The Alberta Sovereignty Act, sorry, The Alberta Sovereignty Act Within a United Canada has been been put forward.  Because a title change means so much. It’s both better and worse than expected.  Better because it does not actually say that federal laws or court decisions at any level can be ignored, rather that the government… Read more »

Getting Positive about Climate

There are many reasons to get positive about climate change.  The world’s biggest polluters are changing their ways.  The ozone layer is slowly repairing itself.  Electric vehicles are slowly becoming the norm.  Technology is being leveraged to clean up the oceans.  Single-use plastics are in the process of being phased out in first-world countries.  Most… Read more »

Four Odd Fitness and Health Gifts for Christmas

I have four somewhat odd fitness and health gadgets you may want to give a loved one for Christmas.  They are the chin-up/dips bar, the Gua Sha knife, the neck weight, and the respiratory muscle builder.  I use two already.  I’m ordering the chin-up device at the end of the month, and I want to… Read more »

Controlling the Mind—Getting Serious

I am training to be certified as a Marriage Foundation Counselor.  Although the psychological community does not accredit The Marriage Foundation, I think the teachings are phenomenal.  It’s teaching me to control my mind.  And controlling the mind should be a constant effort.  That is if the objective is to find joy and love, no… Read more »

Editorial—Some Movement, Fewer Moves

Advanced Education Minister Demetrious Nicolaides has put forward the latest Investment Management Agreement for Athabasca University.  This is the document that tells AU how much funding is going to get, and what conditions the provincial government is putting on that.  In it, instead of requiring a completely unrealistic 50% of AU’s staff be made to… Read more »

Pure Positive Energy for All Relationships

What do work relationships, personal relationships, and diplomacy have in common? First, they best function when based on purely positive energy. I developed a more remarkable ability to relate to the people in my life after taking multiple courses from The Marriage Foundation.  The organization isn’t accredited by the psychological community but offers advice far… Read more »

Book Review—Can I Come Home Now?

Book: Can I Come Home Now?  A True Story of Childhood Trauma Author:  Barbara Godin Can I Come Home Now? A True Story of Childhood Trauma, is Barbara Godin’s honest and heartbreaking tale of her early life.  Godin’s book, published this autumn, fills in the gaps left from her early memoir, Glimpses in Time, and… Read more »

How to make Christmas Shopping Less of a Headache

Christmas shopping has traditionally been a disaster as people head to the malls, browse for hours, and aimlessly stock up on items they don’t need.  Materialism is at an all-time high around Christmas.  Many resort to online shopping, but recently, with inflation at an all-time high, on-line shopping isn’t friendly for the wallet any more. … Read more »

Yes, Again—It’s Dark In The Basement

Last week, I spoke about the devastating effects of poverty on my people.  I apologize if this seems like I’m cheating, somewhat using my first draft of what became my latest piece, but this cannot be overstated: people are dying.  It is my hope is that reflecting on Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta will hopefully… Read more »