Fly on the Wall—It Is What it Is…

Lake driftwood sometimes floats vertically, all submerged but the tip.  Such a protuberance can also be the head of a turtle who, upon hearing footfalls, leaps gracelessly off its basking log and into the safety of lake water.  Fleeting from rest to action in a moment, belying their sloth-like reputation, these creatures then camouflage themselves… Read more »

Editorial—No Interest in Shoulds

No getting around it, this is definitely a late issue this week.  For that, I apologize.  This week has been a mess for various reasons.  But I wasn’t too worried early on because I knew I could pull it together and get everything sorted out on Friday.  Except on Friday our little dog, the one… Read more »

How to Handle Criticism

No one loves criticism.  But criticism has its place—at least, self-criticism does when done right.  But criticizing others is often a futile effort.  Often, complaints lead to hard feelings and struggling relationships.  But how do you correct someone who’s gone off course? Doling out criticism.  How do you best criticize someone?  By saying nothing and… Read more »

Daily Learning Helps You Achieve It All

No matter how good you are at your craft, never stop learning it.  That was advice I heard today from Wayne Gretzky’s Masterclass about hockey. It’s vital to learn something new every day.  So read, take a course, study, listen to a podcast, and explore a hobby—but do it daily if you want to flourish. … Read more »

Advice For An At-Home Garden

My new favorite obsession has been growing my indoor plants collection.  So far, there’s been some excellent growth in a few plants that are finickier to grow.  I’ve been experimenting with indoor herbs as well.  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, indoor plants add an excellent touch to your home.  It is calming… Read more »

Dear Barb—Being Young Again

Dear Barb: Hi, I am in my early thirties and unfortunately I have had to move back home with my parents.  My wife and I separated after seven years of marriage, and we have one daughter.  Our separation was amicable, and I see my daughter regularly.  The problem I am writing about is my parents. … Read more »

Editorial—Undefined Father’s Day

On Sunday it’s Father’s Day.  The idea seems a bit odd to me now, a celebration of the paternal figure in your life, that is supposed to happen even if you’re well separated from your father and rarely talk.  Last year, my own father called to wish me a happy birthday.  Which is nice, but… Read more »

How To Help Your Kids Develop a Healthy Body Image

In our image-obsessed society, it’s more important than ever to ensure that children view their bodies in a healthy way.  Body image, or the way that we feel about our bodies, is linked to our overall self-image—how we perceive ourselves, what kind of person we believe we are, and how we believe others perceive us. … Read more »

Three Easy Herbs for Indoor Gardening

Recently I’ve been obsessed with growing indoor herbs.  Now that the great growing weather is upon us, gardening centers at major retail hardware and gardening stores, and even most grocery stores have opened up. There are so many options for indoor plants, why focus on an herb garden?  First, from my personal experience, many of… Read more »