Editorial—Sad News Coverage—Lavalin Style

Starting from a Globe & Mail news story shortly after Jody Wilson-Raybould was moved from the office of Justice Minister and Attorney General to minister of Veteran’s Affairs, the news has been abuzz with a possible scandal involving members of the government perhaps attempting to pressure Ms. Wilson-Raybould into changing a decision of the Director… Read more »

Gender Stereotypes

Gender stereotyping remains a hot topic in the global landscape today.  I observe the rapidly changing scenery around me about this fiery topic with avid interest.  As someone born fifty years ago this year, the same year man walked on the moon and Woodstock took place, I experienced a great deal of stereotyping in my… Read more »

The Long Term

I am a chronic pain suffering student.  A little backgrounder takes me back to 2015.  I’m at work, cleaning coffee pots at McDonald’s while running the night shift.  I am cautious about where I stand, the sink leaks.  I asked the boss for the parts to fix it, I’d even do it myself.  They knew… Read more »

Shortcuts to Healthier Portion Sizes

The Canadian Food Guide recently launched its 2019 edition which offers a closer look at the exact portion sizes adults can expect to consume to lead a healthy lifestyle.  However, the biggest concern is remembering the jumble of numbers and food restrictions that apply.  How many people are aware what 3 tablespoons entail? How about… Read more »

Top Ten Advantages of Self-Employment

No matter what your goals are after attaining a university education, there is no guarantee a cushy job with company benefits awaits at the end of your journey.  While various students aim for a specific position with a business or institution, self-employment may be the sole purpose for many at the end of their studies,… Read more »

Porkpie Hat—The Night Picnic

In the English seaside town I grew up in, there was an urban legend about a certain apple tree that grew on the edge of the town park, or the Recreation Grounds, as the place was known. The story went that a woman, a single mother with three young daughters, had brought her family to… Read more »

Editorial—Evening the Field

Recently you may have heard some stories about what happened with an amber alert in Toronto.  Being from that city herself, Voice writer Brittany Daigle felt she had to write about the response, and we’re presenting it as our feature article this week. Also, this week, a small theme developed around the idea of people… Read more »

Fighting Dunning-Kruger

A friend’s marketing career hit a bump when he hired a graphic artist to create a three-dimensional model for an important project.  She claimed she could do it, and he believed her. Time dwindled away and she wasn’t getting it done.  She continued to insist she could do it, that she could do it exceptionally… Read more »