Women In Fiction—Sulwe

Significant spoilers ahead for the book Sulwe.  If you haven’t read the book but intend to, you should probably stop reading now. Returning to children’s fiction for this entry, I wanted to a look at a more topical narrative that, while simple, spotlights an important discussion that our youth—and we—could benefit from.  Kenyan-Mexican actress Lupita Nyong’o… Read more »

How to Embrace Failure for the Win

I felt like the stepchild locked away in the attic.  I failed again.  My new job was working out well until the boss hovered at my door, spread his arms wide, a grin on his face, and insisted I hug him.  I blasted off an angry email requesting he never do that again.  The next… Read more »

Editorial—A Bit Confused

Wondering what happened to the Voice Writing Contest entries?  There’ll be more information on that in next week’s issue of The Voice Magazine, suffice it to say that we’re now in the process of contacting some of the winners and making sure all the t’s are dotted and the i’s are crossed.  Or however it’s… Read more »

10 Ways to Love Our Fellow Students and Professors

When we love our fellow students and professors, we leverage our grades, our friendships, and our enjoyment of academics. Here are 10 ways to love our colleagues and mentors in academia: #1: Avoid competing with others. Compete only with ourselves. If another student outshines us, seek synergy, where we strive to be our best and… Read more »

Editorial—Officially Old

Athabasca University students, as an average, have been getting younger over the years, but we’re still have one of the oldest, if not the very oldest, student body of universities across the nation.  So many of you might have some experience with what’s gone on with me recently. I officially had to confront my mortality… Read more »

How Not to Dwell on Others’ Flaws

We are all blessed with flaws. Flaws may be shortcomings, but they provide us with the opportunity to tame or, better yet, overcome our weaknesses. And that overcoming is what makes life a hero’s journey. But what about other people’s flaws—especially the flaws that harm us? Those people, too, are on a hero’s journey. And… Read more »