Korean Short Rib Recipe

Korean short ribs, known as “Galbi” or “Kalbi,” are a popular and delicious dish in Korean cuisine.  Korean barbecue has a historical connection to the Korean royal court cuisine.  The custom of grilling meat at the table gained popularity in Korea during the Joseon Dynasty.  The technique of marinating meats likely evolved over time, influenced… Read more »

Non-invasive Cosmetic Surgery without the Surgery—and On a Budget

Cosmetic surgery can lead to complications and even death.  I’ve heard stories that breast implants can lead to severe health conditions, which is why many women have them removed.  I wouldn’t opt for invasive or non-invasive cosmetic surgeries such as chemical peels or cool-sculpting (for fat reduction).  So, what can we do to enhance our… Read more »

Everyone Is Welcome, Cherished, and Loved at AU

Our Jewish friends are welcome and loved at AU.  Everyone is, so here is a loving welcome to AU to our Jewish, Arabic, White, Black, and all other identity friends.  I especially want our Jewish friends to feel welcome here, as they are being wrongly persecuted.  No one, and especially no group, should be persecuted…. Read more »

Radicalization and Terrorism, Part II

The terms “radicalization” and “terrorism” are distinct but interconnected.  “Radicalization” describes a process by which a person becomes conditioned to hold radical views regarding political and societal issues, while “terrorism” describes the act of committing a violence to create a climate of fear in a population.  Vulnerability and desperation are two conditions required to be… Read more »


Tomorrow is Remembrance Day.  With two larger scale wars happening on two different continents, it seems we may be having some trouble remembering.  Beyond simple remembrance however, it seems people don’t remember why we have Remembrance Day.  The Fly on the Wall has an interesting take on this issue, reminding us not only of the… Read more »

Ways We Can Be of Service to Others

Selflessness should be the next wave of academic ideology.  That’s because present-day ideology emphasizes self-interest too much.  I’m speaking from my experiences with feminist ideology and the psychology curriculum.  These ideologies and the Western model seem fixated on meeting the needs of the self before meeting those of others.  And I believe that makes life… Read more »

The Bear and the Fox

One wintry night, when the wind howled and the snow blew sideways, a bear woke up mid-hibernation with a raging thirst.  He stumbled from his den and sniffed the air.  It was deep, dark winter and all the nearby water sources were iced over.  He scratched his ass and grumbled, then headed into the wind… Read more »

How to Quit Drinking Sugary Drinks

Sugar is an addiction.  While sugary foods can keep you full until you start eating again, sugary drinks are much sneakier, you may not know how much you’ve fully consumed since you don’t become full.  Frequently drinking sugary beverages is associated with weight gain, obesity, type two diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, non-alcoholic liver disease… Read more »

Toxic Positivity is not All in the Mind, but in the Flawed Model

Toxic positivity is the pressure to stay upbeat despite dire circumstances, which prevents us from feeling natural emotions.  But are emotions natural, and should we let them all hang out?  Author Paul Friedman believes emotions are a byproduct of the body’s drive to survive, like a defense mechanism.  Moreover, he advances the position that a… Read more »