Pep Talk for Valerie Bertinelli

Today, I saw a video of a beautiful woman crying her eyes out over her body image.  Her face was stunning, even with her tears, and I remembered how I wished I could grow up to look like her whenever I watched her in her TV sitcom One Day at a Time.  She was my… Read more »

Music Review—You are Free to Go

Artist: One Hidden Frame Album: I Am Not Here Single: “You Are Free To Go” Punk rock band, One Hidden Frame, has released the third single from their upcoming album, I Am Not Here. The single is titled “You Are Free To Go” and is available for streaming anywhere you get your music. Established in… Read more »

Dear Barb—COVID Christmas Fallout

Dear Barb: Well, I’m glad that’s over.  Christmas was awful!  Half my family are vaccinated, and half are not, so it was difficult to decide who to invite to our family dinner.  Then some of the family refused to wear a mask or social distance, and so we ended up in different rooms until Christmas… Read more »

Food, Family, and Fire—Celebrating the Holidays Ukranian Style

Unlike the Christmas Day commonly celebrated on December 25, many of those who follow the Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Rite Catholic faith continue to adhere to their traditional January 6 and 7 celebrations.  This is because Ukrainians like myself, along with communities in Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Russia, still follow the… Read more »

They’ll Stone You When you Try to Use a Touchscreen

Did you ever write an AU assignment on a tablet?  Me neither!  While touch screen keypads might be suitable for kibitzing with family and friends and dolling our faces up with filters ranging from Capuchin Monkey to Octogenarian Granny, nothing beats the tactile nature of a physical keyboard. Traditional keypads contain ample space for flourishes… Read more »

Four Reasons Why Hiking is Terrible

Are you thinking about getting out to the mountains this year? Are you a frequent hiker? If so, this article is not for you.  Although, you may enjoy reading about my amateur hiking opinions, if only to disagree with them. If you’re an amateur hiker like myself, consider this your most recent warning.  If you’ve… Read more »

Three Reasons to Make Journaling Part of Your Routine

COVID-19 has thrown a lot of obstacles in our course.  Whether it was your intended graduation date or the job you were eying for the next internship but was cancelled.  So how can we make sense of these different obstacles without it feeling like life has thrown a number of wrenches in our plans.  As… Read more »

Teaching My Daughter to Make a Scene

Recently I dealt with an incident at my six-year-old daughter’s school.  She was in the hallway with a boy from her class, away from the careful supervision of her teachers, when the boy became physically violent with her.  My daughter was too nervous to tell her teacher.  She thought her teacher was going to be… Read more »