Editorial—Burgeoning New Voices!

Summer has come, and, at least in Calgary, it’s brought with it a bunch of new writers to The Voice Magazine.  New writers are always exciting for me, even though they mean more work at first, but bringing in those new perspectives, and helping writers grow their abilities as they help to grow The Voice… Read more »

Four Ways to Use Your Ice Cream Scooper

One of the most versatile yet underutilized items in the kitchen is the ice cream scooper.  As someone who has consumed less than four litres of ice cream a year, I never knew what to do with my ice cream scooper at home.  The few times in the year where I would use this niche… Read more »

A Mom’s Life and Rebirth

I awake with a start, groaning inwardly.  The slow, melodic alarm gradually increases its pitch and intensity.  I check my phone.  5:00 A.M.  I can almost feel the icy wind as I curl my toes deeply into the warmth of my bed.  Then, that voice inside me reverberates and I propel myself quickly out of… Read more »

If Everyday Was Easy My Life Would Be Poor

It is morning, oh my gosh, it is morning.  Please go away, come again when I feel like it.  Why did this bright sun wake me up? My eyes are closed, and I can still feel the pressure on my skin Today is a school day. Well, every day is a school day when your… Read more »

Interleaving—Performance Enhanced Learning

‘Performance-enhancing’ is a term synonymous with cheating, but a recent Athabasca University study focusing on boosting student retention in classrooms indicates that there is a new approach to learning which might truly enhance performance.  This approach is called “interleaving”, and it allows for students to better retain and recall information weeks, months, and even years… Read more »

Editorial—Mea Culpa

Last week, we published an article about vaccines.  I was concerned about it then, and I wrote as much in my editorial.  But I had looked at it, I had determined that the sources it referenced were indeed good sources, and that the article also contained references to current scientific reasoning, in some cases completely… Read more »

How Music Unites Us

Music has unique ability to elicit an emotional and heartfelt response, especially during times of crisis.  COVID-19 has shown us that music transcends hardship and can provide us moments of respite, celebration, and joy amidst uncertainty. A spike in online music streaming Social media and online streaming platforms like TikTok and Spotify, have seen a… Read more »

Editorial—A Caveat

I feel like I need to preface this issue saying that I don’t agree with everything that gets published in The Voice Magazine.  These articles represent the views of the writers, not of me, and certainly not that of AUSU or AU.  But at the same time, The Voice Magazine isn’t my magazine.  It’s the… Read more »