National Indigenous Peoples’ Day—June 21, 2020

In a recent press interview, Prime Minster Justin Trudeau spoke about an “unconscious bias” impacting all Canadians.  Now, more than ever, our cultural perspectives and unique identities are being called into question, especially in political and corporate sectors. Our increasingly globalized economy demands sameness, which is in direct opposition to natural human culture.  In our… Read more »

Why We Should Never Throw Away Keepsakes

I don’t know when the trend of throwing away all my keepsakes began.  But I now know the regret that follows. I read that some people treasure keepsakes, and I never understood why.  But when we cherish a piece of the heart someone left us in form of an object, we can later reflect.  If… Read more »

Should you Learn a Foreign Langauge

Canada is a bilingual country, officially.  The numbers of bilingual or multilingual people are increasing in Canada as the world becomes more globalized.  There are 920 million native Mandarin speakers, 463 million native Spanish speakers, and 342 million native Hindi speakers in the world.  These are typically cited as the most international, or useful, languages… Read more »

A Life Altering Day

My sister, Mary, and I were incarcerated in Ontario Training Schools for Girls, at 12 and 13 years old.  Training schools are better known as reform schools.  At that time, all I knew about reform school was what I had seen in movies and on television shows.  Reform schools were portrayed as a place where… Read more »

The Art of Living Together

Humans sit atop the food chain due to our cognitive capabilities and our advanced ability to communicate with one another.  With everything we know about the cognitive and communication sciences, it might lead some to assume that non-domesticated cross-species collaboration is impossible.  It should not be possible for birds and crocodiles or spiders and frogs… Read more »

Chazz Bravado—A Word to the Wise Male Feminist

[I like Chazz.  Or more precisely, I like to laugh at Chazz. He’s a perfect caricature of so many things, and a reminder that humour can be impolitic without being insulting–except to Chazz, of course.  But I doubt he’d notice.  From our August 14th issue, this selection was all mine.  Best of 2020?  I think… Read more »

Porkpie Hat—Basic Rules for Post Mid-Winter Survival

As we all know, January has been scientifically proven to be approximately twice as long as all the other months of the year put together. This is indisputable. This, by itself, is a problem, and contributes to psychological balance and physiological homeostasis becoming approximately as stable as an existential tilt-a-whirl. This, of course, follows hard… Read more »

Editorial—Happy Holidays

Welcome to the final issue of The Voice Magazine for 2020.  Our writers got in the holiday mood this year, so beyond our feature interview with student and new Voice writer, Karen Lam, we have a number of holiday themed selections to help get you in the mood as well. One of the things that… Read more »

Four Personal Lessons Learned from COVID-19 for 2021

As the year draws to a close, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the lessons we learned from the year.  While it has been a tumultuous year, there are many takeaways that have been valuable for my personal growth.  For many AU students who have experienced varied degrees of emotional upheaval during… Read more »

2020: Signed, Sealed, and Sent by Mail

As I sat down to prepare Christmas cards this year, I had some misgivings.  I thought it important to send cards out this year—perhaps more than ever—but the cards themselves gave me pause.  Jolly pre-printed words like “merry” and “happy” and wishes for “celebrations” and “holiday traditions” seemed rather out-of-step with this year’s reality. The… Read more »