[blue rare]Melodies and Food For the End of the World

In the six thousand years or so since the birth of human civilization, it has surely never been easier to envision the ultimate, quite possibly imminent, seemingly inevitable demise of our species.  Nuclear brinkmanship, overpopulation, underpopulation, technological uprisings, climate catastrophe, epidemiological devastation, alien invasion, zombies, parasites—from the fanciful to the all-too-plausible, there’s seemingly no end… Read more »

Black History Month—The Father of the Underground Railroad

Black history month is a unique month.  It allows different societies to reflect on one of the cruelest crimes against humanity ever perpetrated, one which lasted around 250 years in the U.S., and there were even moments in Canadian history that involved some elements of slavery.  However, what makes the U.S.  and Canada stand out… Read more »

Editorial—Electile ‘Dis Function

A bunch of long articles and a fight with Windows Update has caused some issues with the issue, but there’s a lot in here that I’m happy to provide.  Starting off with one of the most in-depth Minds We Meet I’ve seen in a while, Josh Flis gives us some unusual and interesting ideas for… Read more »

The Path to Becoming An Academic Investigative Journalist

Out of all my personal stories, none might be less believable than my path to becoming a “academic investigative journalist”, a term I coined as a result of my academic approach to investigative journalism, which often focuses on public policy matters.  What began from a desire to improve my writing and to get into a… Read more »

Voice and What it Means for Writers and Readers

I don’t know about you, but I make pictures in my mind as I read.  When I read clear writing, I can easily gather concrete, specific details that I use to make a better picture.  Through the picture-making process, I develop a better understanding of whatever I am reading.  Voice influences what, how, and when… Read more »

Age Can’t Stop Us from Becoming an Olympian or a Fish

I went swimming this week and saw this swimmer in pink who swam better than any dolphin ever could.  She effortlessly and calmly swam across the pool, gracefully, at a speed I’d never seen before.  I tried copying her arms, and a loved one said my swimming instantly improved by 150%, and I looked like… Read more »

World War III?

Despite years of sanctions and payouts, Iran has made alarming strides in the pursuit of nuclear weaponry, presenting an existential threat not only to Israel but potentially to the entire Western world.  A recent development in 2024 underscores this concern: Iran has solidified a 20-year cooperation agreement with Russia, mirroring a similar agreement it holds… Read more »

The Craziness of the Digital World: Hacking and the Dark Web

Before transcribing the digital footprints imprinted over the digital world, sharing with the world how they translate to tell the story of Canadians as being the most eccentric, ballsiest, and greatest hackers to ever walk the digital world, some absolute truths need to be established first.  To start, hacking is extremely illegal in Canada, and… Read more »