Positivity Appeals to Positive People

When we are positive toward others, they respond kindly.  Positivity builds beautiful bonds, cements friendships, and bursts with wonderful feelings. For instance, smiling and laughing throughout the day sounds and looks like a kitten that purrs nonstop.  What a beautiful energy.  And, oh, does laughter feel good for the person who releases it. I once… Read more »

#ODSPoverty—Where the D now Stands for Despair

Sometimes I am at a loss for words—which is a mighty rare thing for someone from the east coast who is frequently hopped up on caffeine, chocolate milk, or rage. What continues to blow my grey matter is how, in a wealthy country whose pundits praise its kindness, generosity to other nations, and other treatments… Read more »

Eleven Ways to Flourish at Remote Work

COVID isn’t all bad.  It’s also a gift. The COVID Era normalized remote work.  And I am grateful.  With remote work, I don’t stress over my appearance, freeze waiting for busses in minus thirty, and go ape over office politics.  I also no longer get workplace anxiety, which was worse than having my hands burned… Read more »

Editorial—Things from 2021 to Celebrate

Let’s face it, it was a rough year. But it wasn’t all bad. Each year, we like to start off the Voice Magazine with a look back at the year before.  Creating a first issue that not only represents what The Voice Magazine is, but what it can be when it hits its heights. Hence,… Read more »

Being a Female Author

I am an independent author of three books, which means my books are self-published.  Some people say that’s not real publishing, but that’s debatable and not what this article is about.  I am writing this article to address some of the issues I have had to deal with being a female author. The most difficult… Read more »

Course Exam—ANTH 272 (Introduction to Archeology)

If you have a course that you would like to see a Course Exam article written for, please feel free to email us at with the course name and number, and any questions you may have about it, and we will do our best to answer the questions for you! ANTH 272 is a… Read more »

When Iceland’s Women Changed the World in One Day

On October 24, 1975, the women of Iceland did not go to work. For one day, Iceland’s women did not show up for their jobs as shop clerks, receptionists, flight attendants, bank tellers, teachers, or fish-plant workers.  They did not show up to do housework, farm chores, child-minding, or family shopping.  They did not pack… Read more »

Are You an Overthinker?

Do you spend more time thinking about hypothetical consequences of a decision, than you do on the decision itself? Overthinking is more than simply taking an unusually long time to make decisions; it is a culmination of excessive worrying about the future while spending too much time dwelling on past mistakes.  Overthinking can impact both… Read more »

The Struggling Student Rants—Setting Up Shop

Nearly two years of this pandemic have come and gone and, despite what anyone says (expert or not), no one knows with certainty when this will eventually end. What we do know is that everyone’s finances have been affected—whether due to last year’s mass layoffs, supply chain disruptions, or rising inflation rates—no one has been… Read more »