2020: Signed, Sealed, and Sent by Mail

As I sat down to prepare Christmas cards this year, I had some misgivings.  I thought it important to send cards out this year—perhaps more than ever—but the cards themselves gave me pause.  Jolly pre-printed words like “merry” and “happy” and wishes for “celebrations” and “holiday traditions” seemed rather out-of-step with this year’s reality. The… Read more »

Cloud Computing—A High Paying Career without Post-Secondary?

Technology has changed the way the global workforce looks and operates.  It has been decades since we last saw high school graduates find good paying jobs immediately after their high school graduation.  However, big tech is now also threatening to change the traditional learning path for high school graduates which has the potential to have… Read more »

Celebrating the Holiday Season with AU Students

Late October to early January is a time for celebration for many AU students, including those who celebrate Diwali, Mawlid, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Eastern Orthodox/Eastern Rite Christmas, Coptic Orthodox Christmas, and El Día de Los Reyes Magos.  The Voice Magazine recently had a chance to chat with several students about their family traditions. Diwali – Diwali… Read more »

How to be Happy—Even in Soul Crushing Times

We don’t need to mentally hear, throughout the day, a choir of angels singing, “Oh come let us adore him” in order to be happy, although it helps, and it helps a lot.  We can settle for making our hearts pure, even in soul-crushing times, times when angelic song seems distant. Here are five ways… Read more »

How to Forgive

If someone we love hurts us, we grow when we endure. Our loved ones may hurt us, sometimes so deeply that the wounds burrow, raw, to our core.  But the secret of forgiveness is to give a vow, a mental marriage vow, to each and every one of our loved ones: I will love you… Read more »

Editorial—Bullet Dodged?

You might not know it, but things at AU came very close to grinding to a halt this year (those of you trying to connect with AU by phone recently might question that they haven’t, but bear with me.)  A recent post at the AU Faculty Association site talks about the battle with AU over… Read more »

Connecting While Socially Distanced for Christmas

One of the challenges since the start of the pandemic in March was still maintaining some semblance of a normal social life while being socially distanced. While some of the public health regulations have transitioned from fairly strict to moderately strict and now back to full lock-down for wave two of the pandemic, many of… Read more »

Crepe Maker Review

I recently had a craving for crepes and borrowed a crepe marker from my parents.  Little did I know that it would be one of the handiest and space-conserving kitchen appliances I’ve used.  If you’re a fan of changing up your dinner or breakfast routines, crepes are an excellent way to bring flavor to your… Read more »