Editorial—Coronavirus Trolley

Some quick notes, first.  For those waiting for the results of the Voice Writing Contest?  Keep waiting.  The entries are in the judges hands now and they’ve begun figuring out how they’re going to choose.  I will keep you updated. Also this week, be sure to check out our feature interview with student Elisa Neven-Pugh. … Read more »

A Rant: The Five Best Burger Recipes

In Calgary during late March, Jack Frost turned his cold gaze upon us once more and blew a final frosty kiss goodbye.  Now that winter’s aftershocks are over, it’s time to greet the gods of flame.  Barbecue season is here again—.  also known as summer among sad vegetarians.  Strike a match over your charcoal grills… Read more »

How to Control Our Minds

If we’re happy despite what twists life may throw, then we’ve learned to control our minds.  And days of pure happiness are possible for every one of us, even in the most severe life circumstances. When I was a teen, I spent a short time focused on controlling my mind.  I’d wake up before school… Read more »

Editorial—Judging Underway

So, as mentioned in the rules for the Voice Writing contest, the entries were gone through and adjusted to standard margin sizes, removing identifying information, removing pictures, and sent off to the judges.  With close to 50 entries total, the judges have their work cut out for them.  But all that formatting work means I… Read more »

Glimpses of Barb Godin—A Book Review

Voice writer Barbara Godin recently published her second book.  Glimpses in Time:  A Collection of Memoirs and More, is a compilation of stories about Godin’s childhood, family, and relationships. In the style of North of Normal by Cea Sunrise Person, and The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, Glimpses in Time traces Godin’s life as she… Read more »

A Rant: Everybody Should Try Dungeons & Dragons

Have you ever played the one-word story game? When I was much younger, my family and I would play it on long car trips.  The basic rules are that everybody tries to tell a story together, but you can only say one word at a time.  First you speak, then the next person, and the… Read more »

Quick & Easy Mediterranean Bowl

I recently started learning some new recipes and found that Greek recipes are good, healthy, and quite simple.  I’ve always loved the taste of Greek food, especially combined with the Mediterranean health benefits, but had trouble creating the perfectly seasoned proteins.  Greek cuisines are known for their flavorful combination of proteins and salads.  The toppings… Read more »

This Is What a Dream Job Looks Like

A waitress at a spaghetti restaurant exuded passion for her side gig. She was working in some pyramid-like scheme—and she loved it. I delighted in every moment she came to our table, chattering about her pursuits. I couldn’t get enough. But work was different for me; I thought I’d never work again. I had what… Read more »