Nature Notes – From the Backyard to the Biosphere. Diversity and Belonging: The Field of Ethnobiology

Diversity and belonging: distinct, yet uniquely linked; two concepts of prime importance in an age of homogenization and rootlessness. Diversity: variation, polychromaticity, species of endless description, cultures with myriad ways of seeing and understanding the world, languages as diverse as the worldviews of those who speak them. Belonging: a sense of home, rootedness in place,… Read more »

Fall Behind

It was the weekend before last when we became time travelers. It was easy. We didn’t need any ultra advanced technology, we needed neither the guidance nor assistance of Cronus to devour time for us”?nor did we require any other deity, and we didn’t need some artifact of recovered alien mechanics. All we needed was… Read more »

State of the Plants

Biology professor Robert Holmberg reports on the latest in the Centre for Science – photo provided by The Insider With the help of Terra Birkigt, this summer we were able to do some maintenance on Athabasca University’s collection of preserved plants. We now have over 2,800 dried specimens that have been mounted, identified and catalogued…. Read more »

Canada Is A Valuable Model for Peace, says Author Satya Das

NATION BOOSTER Author Satya Das says Canada needs to lead the international community by example. (Photo: Patrick Finlay) EDMONTON (CUP) — For the title of his new book about Canadian international leadership, Edmonton author Satya Das chose a phrase that isn’t so modestly Canadian: “?The Best Country: Why Canada Will Lead the Future.’ “It’s very… Read more »

Romanow Speaks On the Future of Health Care and Calls for More Cooperation Between Federal and Provincial Governments

(photo provided by CUP) ST. JOHN’S, NFLD. (CUP) — Former Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romanow came to Memorial University to tell students that money alone isn’t the key to saving Canada’s public health system. Romanow, who is currently the sole commissioner of the Royal Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada, said money problems… Read more »

Awards of Excellence

Dominique Abrioux announced that this year’s winners of the President’s Award for Tutoring/Mentoring Excellence are Dr. Izak Paul and Carol MacKinnon. Izak has been a Biology tutor for AU since 1986 and Carol has worked as an academic coach in the MBA program since 1995. Both are regularly, and vigorously, acclaimed by their students and… Read more »

Sixth Annual Online Learning Symposium Attracts Education Leaders from Across Canada

Edmonton… More than 650 educators from across Alberta and Canada will explore the latest advances and possibilities in virtual education at the sixth annual Online Learning Symposium, October 29 to 31 in Edmonton. This year’s theme, Utilizing Learning Objects in Educational Environments, reflects emerging online trends and technologies that support lifelong learning. “More and more… Read more »

Kyoto Debate Calls for More Government Action

Photo credit: CLEAN AIR controversy New Democrat MLA Raj Pannu debates the Kyoto Accord with Tory MLA Tony Vandermeer. (Photo: Jake Edenloff) EDMONTON (CUP) — In the final minutes of a Kyoto debate last Thursday, Tony Vandermeer, Conservative MLA for the Edmonton-Manning riding, cautioned Albertans that the accord could sink our economy to the depths… Read more »

NDP Candidates Call for Free Tuition

(Photo credit: photo provided with story through CUP) ST. JOHN’S, NFLD. (CUP) — Despite agreeing on most issues, including eliminating tuition for post-secondary students, the NDP’s federal leadership hopefuls each say they offer a new direction for their beleaguered party. The candidates were in St. John’s last Saturday to participate in a leadership debate. The… Read more »