All Ape Films Are Not Created Equal – FILM REVIEW

A local, free-paper film reviewer wrote about the newest version of Planet of the Apes and I was foolish enough to believe the reviewer’s trashing of Mark Wahlberg and the film. The reviewer said it was a clone of the original film shot by shot and word for word! My husband decided after seeing the… Read more »


For those trapped in their vacuums, glued to the wall by blobs of strawberry jam, obsessed by the quest for the perfect mildew remover, or oppressed by male oppression (the worst kind), The Voice’s Sandra had some sound advice last week: your prison is your own. So, guardian of your own destiny, run the vacuum… Read more »

Flaws of Fundamentalism

In the face of what is foreign, what is strange, and what is unknown, sometimes an individual or group of people will resort, or perhaps better, revert, to a fundamentalist position. Typically, we associate fundamentalism with religion, but it isn’t merely limited to that area of human experience and discourse. We can exhibit fundamentalism in… Read more »

Nazi medicine teaches vital ethical lessons

(photo credit: Philip Head – photo supplied with article by CUP) EDMONTON (CUP) — A prominent researcher of Nazi medical techniques warned a full house of physicians and medical students to examine their social accountability, so horrors like the medical studies of Nazi Germany are never repeated. Entitled “Dementia of the Academe: Medicine in the… Read more »

Government urged to grant refugees loans

ST. JOHN’S, NFLD. (CUP) — Although government officials are considering changes to the legislation outlining access to Canada Student Loans for refugees, advocates say the process has already gone on too long. Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) administers the federal student loan program under the Student Financial Assistance Act. According to the act, refugees cannot… Read more »

American students invade Canadian schools

LONDON, ONT. (CUP) — Not since the War of 1812 have so many Americans headed North – there are more American students coming to Canadian universities than ever before. Robert Best, vice-president-national affairs for the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, said there are numerous reasons for the influx of American students. “Canada provides… Read more »

A Bug In Your Ear: Alberta mission to expand international education opportunities in Asia

Edmonton… Alberta Learning Minister Dr. Lyle Oberg will lead representatives of Alberta’s education community on a mission to Asia, October 20 to November 6 to strengthen and expand international education initiatives in Japan, China, Vietnam and Thailand. The mission will promote Alberta’s world-class education system, international partnerships, opportunities to study in Alberta, and Alberta’s expertise… Read more »

A Bug In Your Ear

The middle of October marks Debbie’s one year anniversary of writing as a columnist for The Voice, and more than a year of contributing “From My Perspective” to our paper . Thank-you Debbie for your contributions, and your efforts to continue to improve The Voice!

Something Festive This Way Comes…

Halloween is only two short weeks away, and if you are like most people, you will be scrambling to get prepared, but will end up leaving most of the work until the very last minute. It happens to all of us. Nevertheless, decorating the house and yard can be great fun for parents and children,… Read more »