Worth a Second Look – Cooking Up A Storm

I just realized that I have quite a large collection of cookbooks, which dominates the pantry shelves. It’s like owning my own private library or having a staff of chefs at my beck and call. Cookbooks are special. The recipes are a puzzle waiting to be solved and the photos promise that the dish can… Read more »

Are Today’s Conveniences Really Good For Us?

Earth has been around for about a few billion years now. Life progressed pretty slowly in that time and change was minimal over the centuries. That is, until, the 20th century! It’s been said there hasn’t been as much change on Earth in the last few billion years as there has been in the last… Read more »

A Follow up on Meditation

The Voice welcomes your comments on its contents. Use your voice to voice your opinions to The Voice. We love the sound of it, and you should to (the sound of your voice, that is)! Personally, I have to thank one of our readers for writing in”?I am happy to hear you enjoyed the article… Read more »

Ignorance Vs. Kindness

When you think about the world we live in what comes to mind? Lately, especially here in Alberta, people have been reaching out to help those in need. However there are still those people out there who make life harder for the rest of us. Who are these people? These are the people that cut… Read more »

Library 101

Librarian Elaine Magusin continues the series “Things You Should Know About the Library.” Q: I’ve just been contacted by a student who is wondering how to cite web sources in APA format but doesn’t have time to wait for a copy of the publication manual to be sent out. Is there somewhere online that will… Read more »

Suzuki slams Alberta government’s anti-Kyoto tactics

(Climate change David Suzuki calls for a new look at world interdependence – Photo: Jon Yu) EDMONTON (CUP) — While explaining to a University of Alberta education class the importance of seeing the world as fundamentally interconnected, David Suzuki criticized the Alberta government’s opposition to ratifying the Kyoto agreement. “We’ve had that argument for 200… Read more »

Women now the majority on Nova Scotia campuses

HALIFAX (CUP) — That’s the finding of a recent report from the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women. The report indicates that women now outnumber men at province’s universities, making up 58 per cent of undergraduate students in Nova Scotia. According to Learners and Teachers: Women’s Education and Training women’s enrolment in… Read more »

Mental illness a reality for students

OTTAWA (CUP) — Young people, especially women, are being hospitalized with mental illness at alarming rates, a new report shows. The study “?A Report on Mental Illness in Canada’ is the first on the state of mental health in Canada. It concludes, “young people, especially younger women, are being hospitalized at peak rates for mental… Read more »