Doing It Right

All Hallows Eve happens but once a year and some of us take the time to prepare for this magical evening. Others, however, find themselves rushing to create a costume on the afternoon of Halloween, or even worse, they give up entirely and miss out on one of the best nights of the year. That… Read more »

AU Receives Top Funding

Once again AU is demonstrating its leadership in online learning. A project known as eduSource Canada has received $4.25 million in federal funding, with matching dollars supplied by the participating partners. This money will be distributed to a consortium of learning institutions and private sector partners that are advancing the development of e-learning technologies. Not… Read more »

A Halloween Treat

Earlier this year I wrote an article called “?Writing Fiction to Improve Your Non-Fiction Prose’ that appeared in the June 26, 2002, Volume 10 Issue 24 of The Voice. As a special Halloween inclusion into the paper, I would like to share with you the results of one of my own fiction writing efforts, a… Read more »

All Ape Films Are Not Created Equal – FILM REVIEW

A local, free-paper film reviewer wrote about the newest version of Planet of the Apes and I was foolish enough to believe the reviewer’s trashing of Mark Wahlberg and the film. The reviewer said it was a clone of the original film shot by shot and word for word! My husband decided after seeing the… Read more »


For those trapped in their vacuums, glued to the wall by blobs of strawberry jam, obsessed by the quest for the perfect mildew remover, or oppressed by male oppression (the worst kind), The Voice’s Sandra had some sound advice last week: your prison is your own. So, guardian of your own destiny, run the vacuum… Read more »

Flaws of Fundamentalism

In the face of what is foreign, what is strange, and what is unknown, sometimes an individual or group of people will resort, or perhaps better, revert, to a fundamentalist position. Typically, we associate fundamentalism with religion, but it isn’t merely limited to that area of human experience and discourse. We can exhibit fundamentalism in… Read more »

Nazi medicine teaches vital ethical lessons

(photo credit: Philip Head – photo supplied with article by CUP) EDMONTON (CUP) — A prominent researcher of Nazi medical techniques warned a full house of physicians and medical students to examine their social accountability, so horrors like the medical studies of Nazi Germany are never repeated. Entitled “Dementia of the Academe: Medicine in the… Read more »