Writer’s Block

Writing papers: no matter what your major, the year of your studies, or whether you are an undergrad or a graduate student, the majority of the work you must submit for your courses must be in essay format. Unfortunately, most students are not English majors, but they are still required to turn in well-formatted, grammatically… Read more »


Ramming the ghetto blaster under my arm, and slapping the carved elephant onto Larry’s lap, we scooted out the door. Handi-bus was here. I was nervous I admit:it’s a new chapter in my life and I’m not even sure what book I’m reading!! Joan told me months ago that she was trying to sell her… Read more »

The Infinite and the Eternal:

If we turn our thoughts to Ultimate Reality, then we find ourselves considering that which generates and maintains the universe. From a theological perspective we make an immediate connection between this Reality and the divine. As we established in “Alpha-Naught” last week, the divine fits a logical contradiction which we denoted as A & ~A…. Read more »

Beyond the Headlines

Hola! We hope your summer has been a most rewarding & energizing one. As you recall, every month we bring you a bulletin under the rubric of ‘Beyond the Headlines’ to highlight the incredible inspiring work of many Alberta-based NGO’s. We invite you to consider supporting in whatever way you are able to do the… Read more »

Free Health Benefits for Children in Low-income Families

The Alberta Child Health Benefit (ACHB) provides children in low-income families with free: · Dental care · Prescription drugs · Eyewear · Emergency ambulance services · Essential diabetic supplies More families are now eligible for coverage through the ACHB because of increased income eligibility levels, which took effect July 1, 2002. These income levels are… Read more »

Valuing Life:

(CUP) The pro-choice/pro-life debate is one that is ongoing and emotional. The common denominator between the pro-choice and pro-life sides is the value of life. The interpretation of this is where the two views fork dramatically. The debate typically gets stuck around the question of when a life begins. Though this may be important to… Read more »

Making Anti-globalisation Fun

(CUP) It’s not hard for a book to draw your attention when the cover features a greatly obese man with a pompadour licking his lips and lying mostly naked on what appears to be a bed with a steering wheel, holding a hamburger with a tasty planet Earth “patty.” Mungo City, the first novel from… Read more »

A Bug In Your Ear

Hello, everyone! I wanted to take the time to point out a few of the new Voice features I have been receiving some questions about. The new format is easy to navigate, far more visually appealing, and has some incredible new and useful characteristics. · SUBSCRIBING: On the bottom of the cover page of the… Read more »