From My Perspective – Smoking

The government of Alberta has introduced a hefty new tax on cigarettes and alcohol, and other provinces are following suit. The tax was implemented on cigarettes without warning, and when added to the November 2001 federal tax increase on tobacco products (1) brings the cost of a pack of cigarettes in Alberta to almost $8.00…. Read more »

Close Call

During my years working for the Ministry of Forests I became proficient in the use of a chainsaw. The process was neither instant nor was it without incident, and I know that I gave my boss/instructor Neil Campbell more than one grey hair along the way. Classroom time in combination with hours of fieldwork was… Read more »


I am a survivor of emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual abuse. As a young child, I was sexually abused by another male in the private school that I attended. Afraid of being rejected by my friends, parents, and other family members, I did not tell anyone about the incident for more than 3 years. Those… Read more »

B.C. scraps distance learning

VICTORIA (CUP) — The B.C. Liberals have slashed a program that offers post-secondary education off campus. Over the next two years, all programs provided by the Open Learning Agency (OLA) will be discontinued or transferred to post-secondary institutions across the province. “These programs are primarily for students who might not meet the requirements for [university]… Read more »

Find freedom in wired world, Lightman tells students

TORONTO (CUP) — Something as simple as turning off a cell phone can lead to the development of a better world, Alan Lightman told students at the University of Toronto last Wednesday. The respected physicist, novelist and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor delivered a lecture entitled “The World is Too Much for Me: Finding Private… Read more »


My earliest memories of hockey are those of my uncle hogging the TV set to watch Hockey Night in Canada every time (it seemed to me) that I wanted to watch a show more appropriate to my age. I first remember the theme song reverberating throughout the house when I was about five years old… Read more »


A well-known Bible text says, “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.” Does this mean that if we are good to others, they will be good to us? Unfortunately this is not the case, as has been proven any number of times in my life and most likely yours as well. If that… Read more »