UPDATE: Newfoundland Judge grants Custody of a seven-year-old boy to the father: Knowing the father has been charged with several counts of assault on his ex- wife.

Our Justice System in Canada needs to change to help victims of abuse. I believe we need judges that are better qualified to proceed with the cases of abuse that are brought before them. In the last issue, I discussed a woman whose son had been awarded custody to a father who is currently awaiting… Read more »


I had the privilege tonight of finally hearing Mercedes Sosa live at a concert at the Winspear Centre. I’ve been a fan for years; not only of her music, but also of how she has represented the hopeful struggles of the people of Argentina towards democratic freedom. The passion in her voice transcends language, and… Read more »

Ontario performance indicators ‘hogwash,’ critics charge –But community college group says KPI data beneficial

TORONTO (CUP) — The Ontario government’s latest batch of key performance indicator (KPI) rewards are being dismissed as “hogwash” by critics. In early March, the provincial Tories announced that an additional $16.4 million has been awarded to colleges who met or surpassed criteria set out by employers and students, as well as employment rates after… Read more »

The “War on Terror”: Sense and Nonsense

For a few months now, the media has been using the term “war on terror” as though it were a neutral description of U.S. military action in Afghanistan or of U.S. threats of future attacks elsewhere. On its face, the “war on terror” — or even “war on terrorism” — is at best a misnomer…. Read more »

From My Perspective – Remembering Teachers

Teachers have still not reached an agreement with the Government of Alberta, and are withdrawing many services to students as a result; for example: supervision of field trips, graduation events, concerts, etc. Regardless of how the situation is eventually resolved, it is certain that for many students the effects of this year will have a… Read more »


Feb. 1, 2002 AU Insider : Meanwhile, Karen Wong, Manager, CLC, sends on the following note: “Bushwoman Bonnie” shaves for kids! Bonnie Nahornick has a big heart, especially for kids. She also has a lot of hair which she has decided to shave and donate to Wigs for Kids, a division of the Canadian… Read more »

Education Revolutionary: Karl Marx meets Ivan Illich

The bourgeoisie has stripped of its halo every occupation hitherto honoured and looked up to with reverent awe. It has converted the physician, the lawyer, the priest, the poet, the man of science, into its paid wage- labourers. Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, “Manifesto of the Communist Party” From the 19th century Educators and doctors… Read more »

From My Perspective – Pain

Physical pain is part of the human experience, yet it is a highly subjective one. Each person responds differently to a pain stimulus, and one cannot judge the degree of physical pain another is feeling – although it may appear obvious when another person is in pain, understanding the severity of such pain is subject… Read more »