The Vexing Apostrophe

It’s one of those things that people can’t seem to grasp. Nothing—save for being confronted with a set of flashing yellow traffic-lights—seems to cause people more consternation than that innocuous little punctuation mark: the apostrophe. I don’t really understand why. Certainly, there are elements of written English that are much more difficult to learn. Plural… Read more »

Cranio Two: Four-Day Intensive

The five days spent in Edmonton were butt kickers. I remember a similar thought running through my head during Cranio level one. It was different then– you’re a beginner and Cranio rhythm is confined to a book and maybe treatments from others. Suddenly you learn to feel them. You strain hard to “hear” the rhythm… Read more »

Worth a Second Look – Food Safety Part II

Safety in production is vital to keeping our food chain free from contamination. It is just as important to store and prepare food properly at home. At their website,, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) recommends the following steps to prevent food contamination at home: Check food before purchasing it. If the package leaks,… Read more »

Meditation for a Healthier Us

There are many factors which affect the quality of our lives, and we all desire to improve our existence. We would like to have a positive influence over things like our stress, our health, our intelligence, and our world. There are many different methods we can undertake to create better lives for our fellow humans… Read more »

The Harried Student: The Wisdom of the Baba

They say she was a gypsy. I’m fairly certain she wasn’t a spy. Her birth certificate says she was born in Alberta. But the year is scratched out. She had this thick Russian accent. And a distinctively folksy Slavic farmer chic about her. She wore a purple babushka, kept a flask of vodka in her… Read more »

Gas Leaks and Bite Shift

I yanked my Jaguar suitcase along on its wheels, laden with thick textbooks and grubby laundry. I pulled it into my condo suite and slapped everything on the floor or on the dining table. I was in a vile mood. I’d been away to my second level of Craniosacral Therapy and nearly starved, and froze… Read more »

The Harried Student:

Recently, in one of the Voice’s columns, a fellow writer, comrade, and sibling in schooling laid at the feet of the Voice’s readership a challenge. The challenge is to demonstrate writing about nothing”?writing having no point, no subject, no opinion. Intrepid around-the-blocker who’s been there, done it, and uses the T-shirts for dishrags, I am… Read more »

Worth a Second Look – Food Safety Part I

My husband and I were stricken recently with a food borne illness, or what is more commonly referred to as a bout of food poisoning. A quiet romantic dinner left us sick for several days. We blamed the plate of beef satay, but it could have been anything in the restaurant’s kitchen or even something… Read more »

American News on Your Television!

Over the past few weeks I have indulged myself, now and then, in watching American news broadcasts on my television. I haven’t been tuning in with the expectation of staying informed while receiving a fair and unbiased perspective, but more to observe the American media spectacle in all its red, white, and blue glory. What… Read more »

The AU Information Centre

I would like to respond to the very interesting article by Tamra Ross Low “What I’ve Learned About AU Students” and perhaps provide some helpful advice for all AU students. The Information Centre was established to provide a first point of contact for prospective and continuing students. We have a staff of sixteen full-time, part-time… Read more »