College vs University

As a society, we regard university as providing a higher education than a college. However, what we need to understand is that university is theory based while college is practical. The average population will look more highly upon an individual who has acquired a university degree than one who has graduated with a college diploma…. Read more »


As a teen growing up in the suburbs of Vancouver in the late 1970s the only personal experiences that I had with tattoos were watching them drift by on the arm of overweight bikers or on the upper chests or ankles of women who appeared hard and aged beyond their years. Except for a short… Read more »

Fiction Feature – The Transfer

Night shift 12:01, Friday, April 23 She plodded to the chart rack, reached for a tissue and wiped at the moisture collecting beneath the collar of her burgundy scrub jacket. Lightly she tapped the button of the ancient desk fan. The tired motor spiked instantly creating a soft whirring sound. Every night, shortly after midnight,… Read more »

Science, Chemistry, Research, and AU Students

As mentioned last week (, the WCUCC (Western Canadian Undergraduate Chemistry) conference was a wonderful opportunity for students to present their research to an audience of peers and academics. Each was given a short time to explain the process used, what they had discovered, and what the future goals of the research were. While most… Read more »

AUSU’s 10th Anniversary AGM – What is it all about?

On May 24, 2003, AUSU will be hosting our 10th anniversary Annual General Meeting in Edmonton. We hope many students will be in attendance. So you may be wondering, what is an AGM and why is this one special? As an organization incorporated under Alberta’s Societies Act* we are required by law to have an… Read more »

Great Deals for Those Who Visit Toronto

Air Canada has launched a web site called Canada Loves Toronto (, geared toward promoting tourism to the city by advertising deals for travelers. The web site includes listings of cheap flights to Toronto, hotel deals, car-rental deals, low-priced entertainment packages, restaurant packages and discounts on entrance admissions to many Toronto attractions. The subtitle of… Read more »

AU Student Essays Inspiring

In contrast to the students with poor writing skills there are a number of AU students who write very well and who demonstrate not just good critical thinking but considerable creativity. These students are often in our senior English courses. I have selected a number of their essays and posted them in the home pages… Read more »

Do You Know The Cembalo?

The last two weeks I’ve been on a “special assignment” for The Voice. My husband and I did a transatlantic crossing starting in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and finished in Genoa, Italy. I’ve decided, since we’re now broke, that I’d write a story to my fellow Athabasca University students to tell you about the entertainment value… Read more »