An Encounter With A Mass Murderer – Part 1

They called him Moïse: Moses in English. He looked the part, with his long, straggled, gray and ginger beard, piercing blue eyes, and shamanic poise. No one really knew what he was up to in my Aunt Marie’s old home – or was it Aunt Maude’s? I always forget. Marie and Maude – my great… Read more »

FROM MY SOAPBOX – The High Cost of Defense

Am I the only person who is getting tired of hearing how Canada has relinquished our defense of our own borders and should be thankful that the Americans are willing to do it for us? The most recent statement I have heard to this effect was from Tom D’Aquino, president of the Canadian Council of… Read more »

A VOICE INTERVIEW – U of A Scholar Has A Unique Approach to Understanding the Impact of AIDS.

Something you learn from attending university is that every one’s academic interests are a unique blend of disciplines that may derive from personal interests, professional experience, career goals, and the course offerings of their particular university. While many students eventually settle on a single focus, some may choose to split their time between two or… Read more »

Profiles – Student: Arthur Setka

STUDENT: Arthur Setka What province and city/town do you live in? Peterborough, Ontario (I welcome all emails at Do you have a family/ kids/ pets ? I am married to Roann, an Occupational Therapist at our local Hospital. We have a daughter “Jayah” who is 18 months and a Border Collie named “Blue”. Arthur… Read more »

U of A students occupy President’s office

Local media quizzed protestor Marika Schwandt over the office occupation. (Photo: Matt Frehner) President agrees to meet with students and discuss tuition increases Published: Wed-15-Jan-2003 By Shawn Hildebrandt, Gateway CUP Contribution EDMONTON (CUP) — More than 20 protestors crowded into University President Rod Fraser’s office in a peaceful occupation last Friday to protest proposed fee… Read more »

From High Tech to Third World

My colleague said the other day, as I recounted my recent problems with my alternative energy system, “Sometimes I can’t tell whether you’re High Tech or Third World”. At which point I realized that sometimes it takes just a few minutes to go from one to the other. I’ve learned some important lessons recently about… Read more »

Home or Away

While the beauty of learning is that there is no set way to do it, two formally accepted ways of gaining educational accreditation are attending structured classes, or learning by correspondence. Which one proves more beneficial depends on the needs of each student, on their personality and their personal situations. The three main issues to… Read more »

Why Can’t I Get A Bra That Fits? Part 2

Last week I discussed the inadequacy of women’s bra sizing standards, and the notion that most women are wearing the wrong sized bra. This week is a continuation of that article. CUP SIZE UP, BAND SIZE DOWN Here is a little piece of information that I can’t believe I didn’t know. It’s a standard in… Read more »