AU Profiles – Student Lakshmanan Ravindran

STUDENT: Lakshmanan Ravindran What is your name? Lakshmanan Ravindran (You can call me Ravi for short ). Where do you live? Whitby, Ontario. Do you have a family, kids or pets? Family. Wife Madhu, kids Ishita ( age 9 ) and Rahul ( age 6 ). Tell us a little about your hobbies, interests and… Read more »


By George Lister, The Argus THUNDER BAY, ONT. (CUP)“?At first glance this seems like an odd time of year to write about buying a computer since most people, not just students, do that in September. The first reason for doing it now is that there are usually other stories to tell when school kicks off,… Read more »

Who fares well on Welfare?

There is a gap, aggravated by the government and media, between how welfare recipients are perceived and the realities of living on social assistance. I know because I’ve been there. I am still there. Comments from Canadian politicians illustrate a theory that these misperceptions are being used as an excuse to reduce welfare spending by… Read more »

Construction Woes

Several weeks back I asked a construction worker in the nearest truck what the “street hacking” was about. He said that the railroad line had to move over and that the company wanted it dealt with by Christmas. He expressed pretty serious reservations about whether it would be done by Santa’s visit. He needn’t have… Read more »

Alberta Commission on Learning shares status report

Press release from Alberta Learning, February 4, 2003 Edmonton… Thorough and thoughtful. That’s how Alberta’s Minister of Learning is describing the work done so far by Alberta’s Commission on Learning. The Minister recently reviewed the Commission’s status report and has asked them to share their progress with Albertans. “Alberta’s Commission on Learning has shown dedication… Read more »

A VOICE EXCLUSIVE SERIES – The Popstar Experience, Part two

Part 2 in a continuing series about the Canadian Television talent competition, Popstars: The One. For part 1of this series, see: Getting Amaya to the Citadel callbacks was a bit easier than the first auditions, but she was still not completely motivated. A second selection of songs had been provided to choose from, but… Read more »

Volunteers: Benefit or Burden?

Societies are made up of people and people help people. If it weren’t for volunteers, many a community wouldn’t be what it is today. But like everything else in life, times change and so do volunteers. Volunteers used to be considered the biggest benefit to an organization or a community but now, sometimes volunteers can… Read more »

An Encounter With a Mass Murderer – Part 2

:continued from last week. For part 1, see: To see him in pictures is not the same – film devours his strange charisma, imprinting only the most inconsequential features of his visage. The resulting photograph depicts someone who looks more like your local insurance salesman than a man who held such power over his… Read more »