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A VOICE EXCLUSIVE SERIES – The Popstar Experience, Part one

For those who read last week’s notice, you are aware that one of my daughters, Amaya, is a finalist on the third season of “Popstars: The One” that began airing several weeks ago. Last Thursday she made her cross-Canada TV debut when Popstars featured auditions in Edmonton and Newfoundland. During the coming weeks I’ll be… Read more »


Approximately 430,000 people world-wide are estimated to participate in it, with tens of thousands of them doing it every day for at least three to four hours at a time. It’s become so important to advance at it, that people are willing to pay large sums of money to do so. It has become such… Read more »

The Romanow Report: Saskatchewan values.

by Rosalee Longmoore and Teresa Neuman Originally published in Briarpatch Magazine, February 2003. Reprinted with permission. Roy Romanow, head of the Commission on the Future of Medicare, tabled his long awaited report, Building on Values, The Future of Health Care in Canada, on November 28, 2002. The report offers 47 recommendations that could reform the… Read more »

Library 101 – Contributed by AU’s The Insider

Continuing the series of Things You Should Know About the Library, librarian Elaine Magusin shares additional Frequently Asked Questions: Q: I’m a new staff member at the university and would like to know how long the loan periods are on library materials. Are there overdue fines? A: Loan periods for staff are different than those… Read more »

An Encounter With A Mass Murderer – Part 1

They called him Moïse: Moses in English. He looked the part, with his long, straggled, gray and ginger beard, piercing blue eyes, and shamanic poise. No one really knew what he was up to in my Aunt Marie’s old home – or was it Aunt Maude’s? I always forget. Marie and Maude – my great… Read more »

FROM MY SOAPBOX – The High Cost of Defense

Am I the only person who is getting tired of hearing how Canada has relinquished our defense of our own borders and should be thankful that the Americans are willing to do it for us? The most recent statement I have heard to this effect was from Tom D’Aquino, president of the Canadian Council of… Read more »

A VOICE INTERVIEW – U of A Scholar Has A Unique Approach to Understanding the Impact of AIDS.

Something you learn from attending university is that every one’s academic interests are a unique blend of disciplines that may derive from personal interests, professional experience, career goals, and the course offerings of their particular university. While many students eventually settle on a single focus, some may choose to split their time between two or… Read more »

Profiles – Student: Arthur Setka

STUDENT: Arthur Setka What province and city/town do you live in? Peterborough, Ontario (I welcome all emails at Do you have a family/ kids/ pets ? I am married to Roann, an Occupational Therapist at our local Hospital. We have a daughter “Jayah” who is 18 months and a Border Collie named “Blue”. Arthur… Read more »