Council Connection—August 19, 2020 Meeting

Eight of the nine councillors were present for the August 19, 2020 Council Meeting.  Councillor Regan Johnson had provided her regrets earlier and was excused as the meeting started. After the regular introductions and passing the agenda and minutes, the meeting started with a review of the newest budget.  AUSU is looking at an increase… Read more »

Reimagining the Library

Reimagine: “to think about again especially in order to change or improve.” In many communities, the library embodies a unifying space transcending socio-economic boundaries.  The public library doesn’t just exist as a book depository, it offers programming for all ages, printing services, room rentals, and access to free computers and Wi-Fi.  For students, the university… Read more »

Four Tips to Being Productive When You Don’t Feel Like It

One of the most challenging parts of working from home—or studying from home—is the challenge of staying motivated.  Ever since the start of the quarantine, much of the separation between work, school and personal life has blurred. My workstation is also the same location as my entertainment centre where I binge watch Netflix or complete… Read more »

Combat Sports—The Art of Fighting

To me, combat sports are the pinnacle of all sports, yet somehow the IOC decided to remove wrestling from the Olympics. In some sports, like basketball and soccer, you will sometimes see players blaming judges when they lose.  One thing that irritates me to the core is constant complaining, whether it is in the sports… Read more »

Editorial—An Issue of Great Importance

This week, Chef Corey serves up something different, as he doffs his chef hat to chase down an important story for students, the story of the ongoing labour rumbles happening at AU.  If you follow AU related news and information, you may have heard of some dispute that’s currently being worked on between the Athabasca… Read more »

A Look into AUSU’s Peer Course Reviews

Course evaluations are routinely used by universities as a way for students to provide formal feedback on course content and instruction.  AUSU recently announced a new and supplementary course evaluation called Peer Course Review.  By providing anonymous course reviews, students can give feedback on AU courses and help future students make enrollment decisions.  Ideally, AU… Read more »

Recent Trends in Sex Work in Academia and Beyond

Despite societal stigma, laws designed to further marginalize, enduring patriarchal attitudes toward sexuality, and the ever-present threat of violence, in recent times, individuals involved in sex work have been coming into the mainstream public eye through the explosion of social media and entertainment industries.  Through Instagram accounts and the popularity of celebrities like former exotic… Read more »

Editorial—Worth a Thousand Words

Last week, one of our featured stories sported the image of a notebook displaying goals for 2020 wiped out by quarantine.  The article goes on to look at changes that the pandemic has caused, with special attention being brought to education and social stratification. A few astute readers noted that the image incorrectly spelled the… Read more »