Keep Throwing Stuff at the Wall

My view is to keep throwing stuff at the wall until something sticks.  That’s a metaphor for finding the way out of poverty and shaping the potential for hitting the jackpot. But, to backtrack, I wanted to let you know that when we set a goal, it can start unraveling at hyper speed. So, I… Read more »

The Land without a Master Narrative

There is no single narrative in the multi-layered history of Canada.  It may be one of the few places where the ideas and actions of individuals can go on to shape larger social changes and where those changes end up getting incorporated into an evolving national identity.  However, the celebration of such individuals is often… Read more »

Editorial—You Must Choose, but Choose Wisely

The polls are now open and you can make your choice among the various candidates on offer.  Of course, student councils always seem a lot harder to choose your votes than normal elections because we don’t have months of coverage, events, and policy debates beforehand.  But for most of us, do we really pay attention… Read more »

How to Live Longer (and Not Succumb to Disease)

When I don’t exercise, my life force leaves me, and I can no longer run.  I walk slowly and often clock out of work to sleep throughout the day.  This has a lot to do with a health condition, chronic fatigue.  But when I return to exercising, I gradually turn into a machine.  I do… Read more »

How A Phone App Can Sculpt Our Most Magnificent Dreams

Task management mobile phone apps, such as Taskade or Clickup, offer an extensive task list with sublevels and checkboxes, allowing AI or manual input.  As a result of using this app, I now excel doing many tasks I previously bombed at.  And I can take on more projects without feeling overwhelmed or lost.  With these… Read more »

Puppy Therapy and How to Get it Without Owning a Dog

Before owning my dog, I spent a few hours every weekend in pet stores playing with puppies.  I found it an incredibly energizing and therapeutic process that I decided to get my own dog.  In an increasingly fast-paced and stressful world, many people seek solace and relief from the demands of daily life, and sometimes… Read more »

Criminology with Carleton University professor Darryl Davies

One of Canada’s most cited criminology professors is Carleton University professor, Darryl Davies, who studied criminology at Cambridge University and has witnessed the differences between policing in Canada and the U.K.  in action, and his expertise on policing has even been requested by the likes of the RCMP.  A recent meet and chat with professor… Read more »

Covering the Foreign Interference Commission

The Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference in Federal Electoral Processes and Democratic Institutions (The Commission) may end up being the single-most important democracy-orienting event of the 22nd century.  The Commission intends to conduct a thorough assessment of interference by China, Russia and other foreign states or non-state actors, as they relate to the 2019 and… Read more »