Editorial—Contest Closing

If you’re reading this on Friday, March 19th, there’s still a few hours to get your entry in for the Voice Writing contest.  We’ve got a good number of entries for the fiction category, and a few for the non-fiction category, so the next step is for me to remove all identifying information from the… Read more »

Council Connection—February 17, 2021 Meeting

The meeting started with ten of the eleven remaining councillors present.  Councillor Regan Johnson unfortunately was absent due to an illness. With the acknowledgement of working on the traditional lands of various indigenous people’s President Stacey Hutchings called for others to indicate which lands they were on in the chat, and several councillors and staff… Read more »

Japanese vs Korean Barbecues

One of my favorite meals at restaurants are Japanese barbeques (JBBQs) and Korean barbeques (KBBQs).  They showcase some incredibly complex flavors mixed with the charred taste of protein that makes the perfect combination for a hearty, satisfying meal.  Recently Alberta opened in-person dining and I had an opportunity to celebrate my roommate’s birthday at a… Read more »

Sia’s New Movie Music is an Ableist Train Wreck

You may have heard of the new movie Music directed by singer-songwriter Sia, known for her chart-topping hits such as “Chandelier” and “Cheap Thrills”.  Her prodigy and goddaughter, Maddie Ziegler, stars in the movie.  Ziegler plays a non-verbal, autistic girl named Music.  After the sudden death of her grandmother, Music is left in the care… Read more »

Homemade is Better—S’mores

There is something about a campfire that is captivating.  The way that flames move, the crackling sound of wood, smell of the smoke—ok, maybe the smoke isn’t as captivating, but cooking over a fire sure is!  This past weekend, our twins and I got together with our cub scout pack and enjoyed a day of… Read more »

Six Traits of Highly Successful Women

I love hearing about women’s successes, especially from those most unlikely to succeed.  Some women are rocket ships.  They excel at work, become Chief Executive Officers, and lead hundreds of employees to unbeatable success.  And some of these women come from very humble beginnings, some of which may be shocking. So, how can we become… Read more »

Oversleeping versus Under-Sleeping

While AU students work and study from home during the pandemic, sleep is a persistent issue that many face.  The pre-pandemic era might have meant our obligations were in person and forced us to stick to a potentially rigid routine, whereas during the pandemic our schedules may be more fluid.  This fluidity doesn’t always lead… Read more »