Editorial—Why an Election?

I’ve started to see a number of folks online asking why hold an election now, as yet another wave of COVID-19 seems to start gripping our nation.  I think there are a lot of answers to this question. The first answer, of course, is because the governing political party saw the polls, has been looking… Read more »

Opportunity Knocks Every Second

I heard a quote today that went something like, “Everything that happens to us, good or bad, is an opportunity for us to change.” And if we see everything that happens as an opportunity for growth, there is never a need to feel sad—not even for a second. But how do you do it?  Here’s… Read more »

Intelligence Quotients – Empty Numbers That Wow

Intelligence quotients (IQ) are thought to be one of the best methods for identifying gifted children and it is a number that some mainstream adults have paraded when trying to quantify their smarts.  An IQ is defined a number that is used to indicate an apparent level of intelligence of a person.  Prior to their… Read more »

Editorial—Here We Go Again (2021)

So, it turns out Alberta is not seeing the expected reduction in hospitalizations from the number of cases, at least, according to the recent annoucement from Dr. Hinshaw, which is why she’s now putting a “pause” on some of the governments latest reduction in COVID-19 restrictions here in the province. If only somebody could have… Read more »

Help Others When You Feel Bad

I listen to motivational speaker Napoleon Hill every day as I work.  What I love most about his lectures is the emphasis on harmony and good will.  And recently I heard a quote of his that tugged at my heart: help others when you feel down and out.  More specifically, he said, when you are… Read more »

Understanding “Gangs”—Grooming versus Radicalization

The words grooming and radicalization are two important terms when it comes to attempting to understand why youth end up going down a dangerous life path after they join gangs. Grooming is defined as building trust or emotional connections with another person to exploit them, while radicalization is defined as the process through which a… Read more »

The Cookbook Continues—Opening Hooks for Essays

Over the last three weeks, I’ve written about the essay research phase, the essay writing phase, and the essay editing phase. This week, it’s time to focus on opening hooks for essays. If you are striving for an A+, a catchy opening hook can help get you the grade. The more time you have for… Read more »

Editorial—Team Speak

This morning I managed to catch the last little bit of the Women’s Olympic Gold-Medal Soccer (or Football as it’s known to most of the world) match.  As you probably already know (spoiler!) we won. It was messy, and, at least in my completely untrained opinion, the Canadian team was more or less outclassed by… Read more »