The Fly on the Wall—Horse Feathers!

“What are we laughing at?”  Upon entering a room full of twitters it’s an innocuous enough question.  Here in the Youtube era we may not want to see the crude or unusual videos being shared, yet the cause laughter itself remains psychologically prescient.  Plus, there’s also the timeless possibility that we are the butt of… Read more »

10 Easy Ways to Add More Fruit and Vegetables to your Diet

People are exceptionally creative—they can come up with all kinds of excuses why they don’t eat healthy.  These can range from it takes too much time to prepare vegetables (but they’ll spend over 10 minutes in a running vehicle in a drive-through for take-out) to it’s too expensive to eat healthy (but if they tracked… Read more »

Editorial—A Lot of Happenings

One of the things that makes bringing together a full magazine each week is an issue of timing.  To have the time needed to edit, layout, choose photos when necessary plus all of the other administrative work is that it means it’s difficult for us to bring late-breaking news. But that sometimes means that we… Read more »

Belief Limitations

Throughout our lives, we are told certain narratives like “strangers can be dangerous,” or “work hard and save your money to get ahead.”  Some of these are true, but sometimes the narratives are damaging.  We can internalize the things we are told, even as children, and unconsciously carry those forward. As strange as it feels… Read more »

Council Connection

The first AUSU Council meeting of 2019 was held on Thursday, January 10th and marked a return to work for Council after the December break.  In spite of the holiday hiatus, the AUSU executive remained busy behind the scenes. All of the AUSU Councillors were in attendance, with the exception of Lisa Oracheski, who was… Read more »

A Short Guide for New Online University Students

Change is good, but change can also be frustrating, overwhelming, and enough to scare us into a confusing period of procrastination or, worse, ennui.  Add in a big dose of anxiety over our parent’s and our own high expectations about what we’re going to achieve and diving into online university studies can feel similar to… Read more »

Editorial–New Year, New Faces!

If the start of the year is any indication, it’s looking like this could be a really good year for The Voice Magazine.  We’ve got inaugural entries from two new student writers, plus the return of our own award-winning Barbara Lehtiniemi to write about, well, writing for the Voice Magazine; a topic I can always… Read more »

Don’t Believe Everything you Read

“FBI Raids CDC for Data on Vaccines & Autism,” “Obama and Michelle to Divorce.” These are examples of headlines you can find online.  Well, these are actually fake news headlines because Michelle and Obama are still married! Now, of course there are places (like those who claim aliens are living among us and the government… Read more »